Poem: A time comes when silence is betrayal

| January 18, 2014
Omowale Ketu Oladuwa

Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa

By Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa


There has been no time since 1967

When the chariots of war did not rumble, and

The dogs of destruction did not grind their metal teeth,

Ironbirds whining in mental nitespace infrared sights locked on target.


The Blues of Black Life awoke singing

Her pulse a blood-rent throb /blond wig

Testament of a masked breakdown.


His smooth face a catapulted crush

Blues as worm

Eating its way thru flesh

Blues /host that brew son’s vision.


Dry bones rattle in mental cave

Puppeteers jerked strings dance

I watch the people genuflecting, Martin

Forgetful of the pained path;

The sacrifice of blood


The people impoverished by the idea of you

Without the fact that Coretta and your children knew.


Our people hope with no knowledge

Encased and shrouded in corporate images of your living

The aperture of your vision

Nothing but a dream-filled con-

Fusion of FBI-masked white supremacy.


The Beloved Community and prophets of Love

Gone missing from the napalmed children burning

And the festering minds of ghetto angst:

Those ravaged villages 8000 liteyears away

Ritehere now.


They preach you dead Martin

Preach you pious and bigger than the people’s hurt.

They preach you absent Malcolm

Spayed and neutered in dreams unrealized;

The human heart absent in the empire.


We are yet at war, Brothers

And the black guy in the white house

Is the best white president America has ever had.


We still looking for the way out of miseries

Out from the mind fog

Out of the post-racial web of lies we’ve told ourselves

To keep their peace, and protect the profits of the one-percent.


We keep looking for ourselves outside our selves

Waiting for the loneranger

The messiah returned /the Mahdi materialized

Our black knight in white shining armor.


And today another Black child was born in every city

With a face of expectation

Held tight in a mother’s arms

Held tight by dreams deferred.


There has been no time since the war to end all wars

When the chariots of empire did not roll

And dark bodies were not made cannon fodder.


The struggle continues Malcolm.

Aluta continua Martin…


©2014 Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa.
All rights reserved.


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