John Boehner suffering from “electile dysfunction?”

| April 15, 2014

Politics is serious business in that it can have a tremendous impact on the lives of people, especially those in the lower 90 percent of the population. Still, it’s nice to have a laugh about this stuff from time to time—especially given how laughable the system can be at times.

Opponent slams John Boehner’s “electile dysfunction”

House Speaker John Boehner has a habit of mocking his last name’s likeness to a certain part of the human anatomy. But in a new ad, his primary opponent, J.D. Winteregg, has taken the joke to a whole new level.

John Boehner: “It’s Boner. Boner.”

The campaign spot, “When the Moment is Right,” spoofs commercials for the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis by asking whether the Ohio Republican has “electicle dysfunction.”

“Your electile dysfunction, it could be a question of blood flow. Sometimes when a politician has been in D.C. too long, it goes to his head, and they just can’t seem to get the job done,” the narrator says.

Among the symptoms listed in the ad: “extreme skin discoloration…inability to punch oneself out of a web paper bag or maintain a spine in the face of liberal opposition.” It also lists smoking and golf, two Boehner habits.

via Opponent slams John Boehner’s “electile dysfunction” – CBS News.

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