NLRB: Student athletes considered employees

| March 27, 2014

Perhaps this is the first step to ending the financial hypocrisy behind “amateur” college sports, including so-called recruiting violations. Does anyone still doubt that the NCAA serves as a development league for the NBA or NFL? College athletes make a ton of money for their schools—just like employees in other businesses do for their firms. Shouldn’t they be paid like other productive employees for their labor? We’re not saying that it’s a great idea to turn college sports into another professional sports league—we’re just dealing with the reality. It’s operating like one with “owner” making huge profits and “executives” making big salaries so you might as well go for equity among all the “employees”—including the players!

Kain ColterKain Colter and his fellow Northwestern players were determined by the NLRB to be school employees.David Banks/Getty Images

Donald Remy was disappointed Wednesday. This has become somewhat of a theme for the NCAA’s chief legal counsel. In fact, if the fictional Soggy Bottom Boys are stumped for their next hit, they should consider writing “Man of Constant Disappointment” and dedicate it to Remy.In November, Remy was disappointed that a federal judge in California certified a class of current athletes seeking compensation for the use of their names and likenesses for the extremely popular football and basketball television offerings sold by major college athletic conferences. This case was brought by former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon, but the far more important plaintiffs are the current athletes who joined the suit last year. In February, Remy was disappointed that the judge moved that case one step closer to trial. On Wednesday, the boulder barreling toward the NCAA accelerated so fast that Remy found himself disappointed by a ruling in a case in which his organization has no direct involvement. A National Labor Relations Board official ruled that Northwestern football players aren’t “student-athletes,” but employees of the university whose efforts generate a considerable sum of money.

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