NH official urged to resign for using racial slur to describe Obama

| May 16, 2014

Wake up, America! There are those who have a problem with President Obama because of his policies—even some black folks. Those people, however, have no problem engaging in point by point debates and even conceding that sometimes they do agree with the president. But, there are a significant number of people in this country who dislike the president merely because of his race. They’ve come up with euphemisms to attempt to describe their racism—such as calling the president a “mongrel,” a term, when used in the human context, to describe a multiracial person in derogatory terms. And numerous political cowards have hidden behind such terms. Now this guy has pulled the covers off of them.

We say this for Police Commissioner Robert Copeland: He’s got the guts to tell you he doesn’t like folks of a certain race and isn’t apologetic about it. Despite his faults, hypocrisy, apparently isn’t one of them when it comes to race—unless we later find him to be in the Strom Thurmond siring camp.

This also makes you wonder about the folks enforcing the laws in this country…

NH official urged to resign for using racial slur to describe Obama

Copeland.jpgPhoto: Thomas Beeler/Granite State News

Pressure is building on a Wolfeboro, New Hampshire police commissioner to resign after his refusal to apologize for using a racial slur to describe President Obama.

A day after a meeting at which town residents called for the resignation of Robert Copeland, the Wolfeboro town manager posted a statement on the town website on Friday saying town officials are “appalled” at Copeland’s remarks and asking Copeland to step down.

“The Wolfeboro Police Commission is a separately elected Town board that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen or Town Manager, and there is no provision in New Hampshire State Law or the Town’s ordinances that would enable us to remove Mr. Copeland from his elected position on the Police Commission for his egregious behavior,” Town Manager David Owen said. “Therefore, we are hopeful that Mr. Copeland will accede to the public outcry and finally do the right thing and resign from his elected position to save the Town any further embarrassment of his making.”

Wolfeboro resident Jane O’Toole said she overheard Copeland say the slur in a restaurant in March and wrote to the town manager about the incident. Copeland wrote an email acknowledging he said the slur which read, “I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse. For this, I do not apologize – he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

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