My Devotion for April

| April 9, 2014

By Genevieve Epps

What GOD has to say to us:

Living this single life is not a badge of pain as many of you display it to the world. There should not be emotional distress due to your single status. Why  the deep-seated feelings that people try to avoid? Living life as a single woman or man is a badge of HONOR, a symbol signifying approval or distinction, having a good name. It’s a mindset that not everyone can reside in with quality character.  Everyone can’t make living single look good, but you, my daughter and my son, you make living single look good. Walk by faith believing this and don’t believe what you see, just believe me as you take this journey of living single.

Rest in me! Be still before me and just wait. I’m not talking about specifically waiting for a man-spouse-husband my daughter, or a wife my son I’m telling you to wait patiently for what I have for you whatever that might be. While you wait fix your eyes on me, desire to please me. Let me be the desire of your heart as I give you rest. As you rest watch how your life is changing day by day, moment by moment be still and experience the shift in the atmosphere.

Written 10/30/13

From Psalm 37:7 and Exodus 33:14,

Application: This month start off your day, daily, praying to God about the direction your life should take, as a single woman (or man). Ask God about your purpose and begin this month to identify your purpose on paper.

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