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| May 28, 2014

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Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley

By Eric D. Hackley

May 20, 2014: PTSD in the Inner City Needs a Name That Respects Its Victims                                                                                                        No one should trivialize the post-traumatic stress disorder that affects people living in the inner city.

With so much emotionally-charged violence surrounding them, one teacher at Fremont High School in Oakland points out that, for kids who suffer from “Hood Disease,” almost anything can set them off –  even something as small as saying, “please go have a seat.”

In the inner city, a health problem is making it harder for young people to learn.  The Centers for Disease Control said 30 percent of inner city kids suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The CDC study goes on to state that nearly 30 percent of inner city youth suffer from hood disease, which is compounded by inner city poverty and violence.

But a reader of The Root noted in the comments section of The Root’s website, that this form of PTSD should have been labelled CTSD, or “continuous traumatic stress disorder.”  According toStephen A. Crockett Jr., associate editor of news at The Root, to understand CTSD, it works like this: It begins with an infected set of economics. Low-income jobs lead to low-income-areas. Poor housing usually means poor education. If left untreated, the infection takes root and attacks the sensibilities, altering perceptions. Guns, drugs and turf battles become larger-scale symptoms, as does living in a constant state of fear. Apologies are no longer effective in treatment. Once airborne and full-blown, CTSD spreads through neighborhoods, creating a sense of dread that is comparable only to living in a war zone.

My first observation about this new ‘Hood Disease’ is to keepmy personal analysis simple, clear and uncomplicated. The one thing we know for sure about this new phenomena is that it has caused massive social and psychological confusion.  And because of this fact, we must ask ourselves, who are the masters at creating social and psychological confusion to the detriment of the black community?  According to Neely Fuller Jr. and other noted psychologists, it’s the white supremacists.

So Fort Wayne blacks and whites, please don’t twist the point that I’m attempting to make by writing this article.  I’m not pointing the finger at all white people and blaming them 100% for the ills of black people.  And I’m not trying to upset black apologists for white people by suggesting that the impact of American history and institutionalized colonial white supremacy should share at least a little bit of the blame. But, according to Neely Fuller Jr. and other psychologists, if this phenomena causes confusion and is primarily impacting blacks in a social, psychological, economic and educationally negative way, it’s obviously related to race.  And if the race factor is discounted in any way, the diagnosis turns into an elaborate fairy tale.

This psychological disorder or phenomena in my opinion, represents a contemporary Black History Education Moment: What will this new ‘Hood Disease be named?’  If PTSD id too military, who will name this phenomena as if ‘Hood Disease’ is inappropriate? Anything and everything is always named by someone at its inception.  As we wait for the inevitability of someone coming up with a politically correct terminology for this “seemingly new” socially distorted psychological disorder, I have two suggestions.  My first suggestion was the name N’worditis. I chose this word because evidence suggests that N-word usage among young people, the black politically naive and racists use it all the time for whatever reason and they really seem to enjoy it and seemingly don’t mind making it a habit therefore, it fits.  It is however insulting to history literate black people, so therefore I withdraw it from nomination.


My second suggestion is Lynchitis.  According to the Willie Lynch (real or imaginary) doctrine, we’ve been under his curse since 1712. The doctrine says, if we haven’t broken away form it within 300 years (302 years and counting), our Slave Mentality will become permanent and self-refueling forever.  So, by adding PTSD on top of today’s Slave Mentality mindset, our insanity will grow in geometric proportion. That’s why I co-authored “Lynchology” (Google it), a new social science that views our Slave Mentality as being permanent and out of control, afraid to think independently, labor oriented and awaiting further instruction on what to do next. Of course within

Lynchology, we know how to solve this Slave Mentality problem. For the answer, go to chapter 31 in KEKIONGA BLACKS, War on HIS-Story & Slave Mentality.

Gloria Forte

Gloria Forte

But some of my Facebook friends agree and disagree with my analysis. Concerning keeping the name ‘Hood Disease,’ Glory Forte disagrees with me.  Having retired from the US Army after 23.5 years, she said, “The medical terminology is (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….why does it need another name?  Any child, adolescent (not just the ones in the hood) who experiences stressful events, the event can affect them both emotionally and physically and as a result, they may develop PTSD.

First of all, PTSD is a Psychiatric disorder, not a medical disease. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify this disorder. Children and teens could have PTSD if they have witnessed events where someone was killed or badly hurt, violence in the home.  Other such events include sexual or physical abuse or other violent crimes. Disasters such as floods, school shootings, car crashes, or fires might also cause PTSD. Other events that can cause PTSD are, a friend’s suicide, or constantly seeing violence in the area they live.

A child’s ethnic group may affect PTSD.  Some research shows that minorities have higher levels of PTSD symptoms. Other research suggests this may be because minorities in some areas may go through daily traumas just walking to and from school. The more traumas a child goes through, the higher the risk of getting PTSD. Fear, worry, sadness, anger, feeling alone and apart from others, feeling as if people are looking down on them, low self-worth, and not being able to trust others.  Behaviors such as aggression, out-of-place sexual behavior, self-harm, and abuse of drugs or alcohol are some of the signs.

Shell Shock is another event that can cause PTSD.  Shell Shock is a term used within the military to describe acute behavioral disorder which is a direct result of the trauma of war.  Shell Shock in most cases can be a precursor to PSTD.

BORIS KHARKOVSKY disagrees with me saying, Eric – you sure your not a BLACK supremacist? YOU sure do act like all the evils in the world are from the WHITE DEVILS – maybe you need to turn that radio to some mo-town, instead of whomever it is you are letting yourself be brainwashed on.  My friend – you sound like whatever the black version of a fox news, right wing radio, Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc.; tea party conspiracy theorist chain e-mail reading whatever that would be called. BLAME ALL THE WHITE DEVILS- even the ones that may be on your side; and may be BLACKER than you are, despite skin color.. ? Think about it..  That num-nuts Helmke aide – Payne Brown had the same affliction.. stop calling ALL white people “supremacists”- It’s as offensive to us as the N-word is to you all.

Camille Muhammad

Camille Muhammad

Coming to my defense faster than I could type my response to Boris Kharkovsky’s commentary was another Facebook friend, Camille Muhammad from Alabama. She said, “Wow,” if you think what Eric said was being a Black Supremacist…you really should get out more. He said nothing about a “white devil” your own words & interpretation of what he said is highly distorted & a little childish. If you would stop being OVERLY emotional & truly read what he’s saying you would have come to the conclusion that he stated actual facts.


Eric Hackley’s comment to Mr. Boris Kharkovsky:  You mis-read, mis-interpreted and totally misunderstood my comment. I have never, ever said anything about white devils or anything close to that. By you attempting to put me into that perspective insults my intelligence and I really should stop my commentary right here, but I won’t.  I will use it as an education moment instead. I have never called all white people white supremacists. I’m quoting Neely Fuller (see him on YouTube and tell me where he’s wrong), and the many other prominent psychologists who suggest that there are 3 types of people: white, non-white and white supremacists.  And looking at America in a historic perspective, It’s difficult to deny the existence of an historic white supremacist agenda. This confusion oriented agenda has negatively impacted most whites and non-whites. But I think you are wise enough to understand that and therefore you were merely baiting me to see how I would respond. I had given you more credit for understanding that a white supremacist agenda extends further than black/white skin color. It extends into all aspects of life. I am not here to divide. I’m here to enlighten and unite through a unique and common Fort Wayne history.

Boris Kharkovsky:  Eric- for the record– I was just needling you- a bit- I get annoyed when writers wrongfully attribute the nations ills to skin color- instead of rightly- poverty, inequality of economics- but you are right in that its divide and conquer- divide up the poor by superficial differences- such as skin color- to get us all fighting over the scraps from the rich mans table- instead of feeding the rich man to his own dogs, and taking back that which is rightfully ours, except for the rich man enslaving us for his own gain, instead of properly sharing the bounty equally among all who were responsible for creating it in the start- owner, worker; rich, poor, capitalist; labor- they each should share equally- because they both need each other to make the system work.

Again, the way I feel- its rich vs poor- not skin color- stay focused on that- and you and your paper; and your readers will appreciate that. I know you’re a freelance writer, Eric.  Our mutual interest is in local history, and educating the rest of the locals is both of our goals.

Kevin Muhammad

Kevin Muhammad

And finally Kevin Muhammad weighs in with his response to ‘Hood Disease’:  Yeah, this is true.  I’ve been teaching on this for years. But this condition is not just in California.  This is the psychological condition of 40-50 million of our people in America who are the descendants of slaves.  If a soldier in the military can be diagnosed with PTSD only after 1 tour of duty in a war zone, then how crazy in the head are we who have been under the stress of black life in America living under Satin himself for over 400 years. Think of all of the tragedies we have witnessed.

In conclusion, I’m not intentionally making light of this so-called ‘Hood Disease’, Willie Lynch or the again the so-called psychological disorder of ‘drapetomania’.  Although they are comical in a warped way.  This is why it has been suggested that there’s insanity within our sanity or in other words, everyone is crazy.

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