Life is ‘Bigger than Hip-hop’

| April 8, 2014
Chasiti Falls

Chasiti Falls

By Chasiti Falls

I was going through my “news feed” on Facebook when I noticed a World Star Hip Hop video titled SMDH Clip Of The Week: All That In Front Of Your Kids?!

I was in shock and curious all at the same time. So I played the video to learn how in two minutes and 34 seconds three children lost their innocence. There were two little girls and one boy in the video initially dancing to the same music as the young woman whom was not even in a matching bra and panty set. This young woman was twerking something serious all in the background and in faces of these three young children.

After about 45 seconds, you can tell that the boy’s instincts kick in and he begins to get upset, but yet can’t stop looking at the bouncing rump that is before him.

World Star Hip Hop aka WSHH, according to Wikipedia, is an American hip-hop shock site, and content aggregating video blog created in 2005. As of 2012, it was named by BET “top hip hop and urban culture website” for three consecutive years.

I don’t search or look at videos on this webpage much because the first link I ever watched from WSHH was of a rapper walking up and just shooting a man. I felt like I was an accessory.

So now that I had satisfied my curiosity (one min was all I could do) of what was all in front of the kid’s video, I had to calm my shock. I wanted to know if there were other videos of this nature under the spirit of hip-hop.

To my surprise, there were several videos under the SMDH title. There was one of a man masturbating practically nude in a mall during operating hours.

To my astonishment, there was a high school rape that was placed on the webpage but—thank goodness—someone reported it and it was removed.

World Star Hip Hop has grown over the years because it is a site for shock videos and feeds into people’s voyeuristic tendencies. All of these videos are disturbing, but what is more disturbing is, what in the world this has to do with hip-hop. Ironically, it has more to do with it than the general eye can see. Music is a form of art and the art of the times traditionally reflects the way of current life. Youth today have become so numb to violence and the disrespect of each other that this is now the norm.

Art used to depict life, but now that people are so conditioned, life is depicting the art.

We have American black leaders trying to bury the N-word while hip-hop artist produce songs that make the N-word fun to say while you sing about selling drugs.

In November 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges Hall became the first African American child to desegregate an elementary school. In March of 2014, rapper Lil Boosie’s six-year-old daughter shocked a nation for her 15 second Instagram video of yelling the N-word about how she told us that her father would be released from prison.

Youth used to say how they wanted to finish school and be doctors or lawyers, but with Kanye being a “college drop-out” and Drake telling them the rap life is better than “diplomas on the wall,” they only can think about “trappin, trappin, trappin,” and “dancing for them bands.” So, they “start at the bottom” and end up staying there.

Run DMC told us “bad meant good,” but I don’t think they meant that beating each other down in the street like rabid dogs was meant to be good. I don’t think they meant for people to glamorize the idea of shaking what “yo mama gave ya” or didn’t give you on camera for the world to see.

Unfortunately, some have learned “it is hard out here,” thus they feel the thing to do is “whoop” the women in their lives if they go against the grain. Who has time to think of morals when ‘hood fame comes so much easier and faster?

Nothing exists in this world without duality. I would have to say the silver lining to this is when a person pulls out their camera and films illegal activities then places it on the web, it becomes public record and police have the finest and easiest way of finding and prosecuting assailants.

Yes, these Spike Lee wannabees are doing the work for the police these days. Some crimes that would have normally not even been reported are being investigated and bringing people to justice.

For example, social media spoke for Randall Chaney when, as a last resort, he posted a video of a family member abusing a child after going to authorities and being ignored. And, please don’t forget the Oscar Grant story which is the basis for the excellent 2013 movie “Fruitvale Station.” If it wasn’t for the amateur footage of that murder, that cop might be a celebrity today like Zimmerman.

At the end of the day I just want people to be careful what they are feeding into their subconscious minds. This is solely because our life reflects our unconscious programming.

You have to ask yourself do you want a “Dark Horse” or “Take Me to the King.” People really need to “Pay Attention” because life “It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop.”

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