Ladies of Phoenix Manor making beauty happen again

| April 25, 2014

A Tea Party you need to know about, in the name of Love  

Whatz up babies?

In the Frost Illustrated edition that came to you on April 04, 2014 the spotlight was shined on the women of Phoenix Manor to acknowledge them for Loving Thy Neighbor and we had such a wonderful time together at their Valentine’s Day Event.  Then they informed me that they’ll keep me informed of what beauty they’re going to create next.  So I was happy when I received the call from Mother Marcella Kelsaw that they were now having a Tea Party. Yes, a tea party!  I’ve never been to a real tea party before, only a fake one, when I was about two years old and I did not enjoy that at all because it wasn‘t real.  But today, I have that opportunity and I’m excited about it, so I’ve taking you along with me.  So that, you too can feel this beauty that I was invited to.

Jeanie Summerville

Jeanie Summerville

When I walked into the building, I could see the dining room and it was absolutely beautiful and the room is packed with women dressed to the nine’s and there is food galore.  Everybody is having such a wonderful time and I’m loving it.  I also see the Balloon Designer who’ll be spotlighted in next weeks paper but today she here in a different capacity.  Now I’m handed the agenda for this event and this is what it says.  The M.C. is Idella Williams, Prayer is led by Lydia Langhorne, Praise Dancers Suzanne Simms and Sherry Brooks, Praise Dancers Leondra Jackson and Brenda Williams, Introduction of speaker done by Minister Bernadette Thomas, Speaker is Minister Joyce Smith of Come As You Are, Song by Mrs. Willie Tubbs and Shonetta Suggs, closing remarks by Idella Williams.

Now we bring to you the women that caused all of the beauty to happen and this is what she has to say.  Hello Frost readers.  My name is Idella Williams and we’re having a tea party at Phoenix Manor today.  In the olden days, the women always had tea parties and they’d put their fine dresses on, their heels, their fine hats and gloves, the only thing I forgot today is my gloves.  Our food consist of salad,, sandwiches with ham, chicken salad, deviled eggs, vegetable trays, fruit trays and one day, we’ll have shrimp when we can afford it.  We also have all kinds of sweets, desserts and tea.  All of this is free because we want the women of GOD to come together.

We have guests today and most of the people are from Come As You Are Church and we have two sets of dancers and one has already performed and after we eat the other one will perform for our entertainment.  In the olden days, the black ladies, really didn’t have a lot of social events because they were mostly Church women, so they’d have their elegant tea parties.  Mrs. Dupree, who’s been dead, since I was about  25 or 30 years old, would have us come to her house, she’d set her tables up with her fine linens and stuff and give us a tea party as young women and I really used to love them.  When she died it just went away but I thought about it one night while laying in bed and asked if I could have a tea party and they said yes, so we’re having our first annual tea party today.  Ms. Carolyn Bell and Lou Malone helped me tremendously.

I think Phoenix Manor is a great place to live.  I’ve been here for three years and I wouldn’t move anywhere else.  I like that, it’s in the city so I can go wherever I need to and I can get to my family if I have to.  So I love it here and I tell everybody that when I move it will be to Lindenwood or Grawnlawn Cemetery.

This is what two Praise Dancers had to say about this event.  Hi, my name is Leondra Jackson and I’m here today to Praise Dance and I’m from Come As You Are Community Church.  I’m looking forward to dancing for them today and they all look so lovely with their hats on.  My name is Brenda Williams and I’m also a Praise Dancer from Come As You Are Community Church and I’m here with Minister Joyce Smith to honor her and to honor the ladies here at Phoenix Manor.  Everyone looks so lovely and it’s a beautiful day today for a tea party and I’m just going to enjoy myself in the Lord.

Well babies, there you have it and enjoy it because they’re trying to prove to you that Phoenix Manor is the place to be if you’re a senior and wondering we’re you’d like to be.  Bye, bye babies.

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