Koch brothers-backed group use misleading Aurora shootings related photo in political ad

| April 24, 2014

We understand desperation drives people to do less than stand up things. But, is the mood of these people born of desperation or sheer glee in being mean spirited? Interesting that bullying has become a national issue. Unfortunately, people seem to miss that the majority of the nation’s bullying does not go on in the classroom but in our political arenas.

We might be dreaming, but we thought there was a time when honest political debate could be pointed and vigorous without deliberate attempts to mislead people and to assassinate the character of political opponents. There was a time when two old Irishmen like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil could sit across the political aisle from each other and argue but enjoy a drink together after work. Today, if the speaker of the House and the president play golf together, we get drug and liquor addled entertainer/political pundits claiming that the speaker is a traitor for cavorting with the enemy. The enemy? We must have been asleep when Americans became enemies of each other when they had political disagreements. Does that mean that Republican sons and Democrat fathers should draw out the gats and go to war with each other? Apparently, we also were asleep when they eliminated that part from the Bible that says a house divided cannot stand. (You might look and see if Matthew 12:25 is still there.)

Conservative Group Slammed for Ad Using Obama, Udall Image After Meeting Aurora Shooting Victims


UPDATE: AFP says that it has replaced the image in the spot, calling the original use of the photo “an unfortunate oversight.”

A helpful reminder for all political TV ad-makers: Don’t use an image of tragedies when making an unrelated point.

Democrats have seized on a TV ad that the Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is airing in Colorado hitting Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) on the health-care law.

But here’s the problem: The ad contains an image of Obama and Udall standing together when the president visited the state after the Aurora, CO theater shooting in 2012.

Here is the statement from Udall campaign manager Adam Dunstone, which calls on Republican opponent Cory Gardner to denounce the ad:

“All Coloradans, regardless of political party, agree that using the Aurora tragedy in political attacks is callous, insensitive and wrong. Congressman Cory Gardner should do the right thing by demanding his friends and allies stop using the Aurora tragedy for political gain.

“As someone who attended an Aurora memorial alongside Sen. Udall, Gardner surely has the decency to publicly condemn the Koch brothers for this cynical ad.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also sent out a statement from some of the families of the shooting victims who are demanding the ad be pulled from the air.

“The use of an image taken from the president’s visit to Colorado to meet with us after our children were killed in the Aurora Theater shooting is an utter disgrace. And to insinuate the somber expressions were for anything other than their compassionate response to our heartbreak is beyond unconscionable,” the statement reads, which is signed by the parents of four victims.

via Conservative Group Slammed for Ad Using Obama, Udall Image After Meeting Aurora Shooting Victims – NBC News.com.

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