Justices decline case on gay rights

| April 8, 2014

Ever wonder why all of a sudden, this nation is fixated on “gay” issues? No doubt, it’s important to a lot of folks but with so many people out of jobs, so much violence in the streets, an educational system that is falling behind the rest of the world, the U.S. piling up debts trying to police nations that could give a damn about this one when the chips are down and an oligarchy that has bought Congress’ lower house and installed puppets on the high court, one would think other issues would be a top priority.

What’s also very interesting is that the so-called right is always recruiting folks on the fear of government intrusion into the lives of private citizens. So, why do they campaign on invading people’s bedrooms? The measure of a true democracy is tolerance of free ideas that even might be abhorrent to us. Funny how these same people are quick to defend the speech of virulent racists (even in political circles) as “free speech” under the protection of the First Amendment and tell the offended that’s part of this great democracy but want to pass laws to prevent others from exercising their free speech. Again, we’re talking hallmark hypocrisy. Go figure!

Justices decline case on gay rights

Woman refused to offer services

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court declined Monday to hear closely watched cases on gay rights, campaign finance, and lethal injections. As is their custom, the justices gave no reasons for turning down the appeals.

The gay rights case was an appeal from a wedding photographer in New Mexico who asserted a constitutional right to refuse to provide her services to gay and lesbian couples.

The issue was broadly similar to one argued before the court last month, over whether companies may refuse to provide insurance coverage for contraception on religious grounds. But the New Mexico case was based not on an assertion of religious liberty but on one of free speech.

The photographer, Elaine Huguenin, objected to a New Mexico law prohibiting businesses open to the public from discriminating against gay people. She said that requiring her to photograph same-sex weddings violated her First Amendment rights because she was forced to say something she did not believe.

via Justices decline cases on gay rights and campaign finance – Nation – The Boston Globe.

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