Islamic school takeover plot alleged

| April 14, 2014

Remember the days when schools in most parts of the world were sanctuary for children? Well, okay, the did serve as a spot for indoctrination of some sort but somehow it seemed less political. Maybe it wasn’t. Still, schools have become battlegrounds for all types of adult political agendas—as well as killing fields in extreme cases of deranged folks wanting to “make a statement.” Although the main issue might not resonate much in the U.S., note the reference to problems caused by lack of local conrol, a theme that does resound here.

Trojan Horse: 25 schools probed over alleged takeover plot

Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council: “We do not have the relationship with the academies that we have with the community schools”

An investigation into an alleged hard-line Islamist takeover plot of Birmingham schools has widened, with 25 schools now under the spotlight.

Birmingham City Council said it had received more than 200 reports in relation to its inquiry.

It has appointed former head teacher Ian Kershaw as its chief advisor.

Anonymous claims hard-line Muslims were trying to take over the running of some city schools were made in a letter sent to local authorities last year.

The 25 schools now being looked at include primaries, secondaries and academies.

The 200-plus reports to the council include emails and calls from staff, parents and governors.

The leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore, said he did not know the full range of issues raised and said it would be wrong to comment on the specifics of the allegations.

“It is about the general specifics, the behaviour of the schools, what happens within the schools, the school day, the assembly,” he said.

via BBC News – Trojan Horse: 25 schools probed over alleged takeover plot.

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