Interview with Edward Young: Bible key to understanding who ‘we’ are

| May 8, 2014
Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley

By Eric D. Hackley

Eric Hackley: Jim Redmond earlier expressed discontent in the social absence of black pastors and their community leadership. Please correct the flaws in Mr. Redmond’s scathing black situation analysis.

Edward Young said the nation's "Hebrew israelites" need to read their Bible to understand the plight of "black" people.

Edward Young said the nation’s “Hebrew israelites” need to read their Bible to understand who “black” people really are.

Edward Young: On Pimpology? There is no correction. He was right on time with that! You know what my stance on that subject has always been and always will be. When I see what’s going on in the pulpit and how it’s being done, I look at religion from the point of view that it has always been a system of Pimpology.

Even from the time of Nimrod all the way up to now, which is basically what most religions are based on anyway, is a system of Pimpology. Somebody has to be in control over the masses. And, what’s being used today? They use what they call the Bible which is basically a history book of Israel and the Hebrew Israelite. It’s not about anybody else and it has one common theme. The Father says, “do right as I command you to do right and you’ll get everything your heart desires.” But, we haven’t!

We’ve fallen into these religions. We fallen into hard times. We’ve become a byword and a product in the mouths of people from around the world. And, that’s the reason why we as a people have been at the mercy of these Pimps out here. I know that every preacher is not guilty of this concept, but you can sure look around and point fingers without having to look hard. I bet it would be harder to find those who are doing something realistically, rather than those who are not.

I had an experience where one individual whose name I won’t call out, who actually was supposedly next in line to be pastor after his father died who was the present pastor of that church. I asked him what was the big deal? He said, “It’s a business. This is how I’ve been pimping all my life and this is what we do.”

HACKLEY: You were told this?

YOUNG: Straight up! I won’t tell you who it was because I don’t need any ill feelings from him and his congregation. But, this tells me about the concept under which they operate. So I can’t go against what Redmond said.

The problem is, we want to stand up here and everyone is going to say this, that and the other. But until we get correct about who we’re serving and how we’re serving, we’re going to stay blind, dumb, stupid, barefooted and pregnant so to speak, with no roof over our head, no food to eat and no place to go because it will belong to everyone else. Until we get to the point of recognizing who we are as a people, as a nation, when we get to that point and we start to pull together as a people and a nation, then we will be able to move forward.

HACKLEY: When you say “we as a people,” what people? Fort Wayne Blacks?

YOUNG: We have to get past the term Fort Wayne blacks. This is not just about Fort Wayne blacks. This is about the remnants of Israel as a whole, but we’re focusing on Fort Wayne. Even here, if these Jack-leg Pimps as they’ve been called, would come together and come out of their “it’s a me thing,” then we won’t have that problem. We can get past that problem. It’s not about you, it’s not about them! It’s about all of us! We all have to come together. We need to put the religious thing down, start coming together and get these history books out and start studying to see exactly what it took for us to get the blessings that we were supposed to have and why we didn’t get them.

You all think we’re in this country and South America because the European came and got us. No! It’s because we’re being punished. We’re being punished because we’re still being disobedient. Our forefathers were disobedient, we had 1,500 years of enslavement by Islam. Then we came to this country over 400 years ago with the same type enslavement. We are emancipated, we are not free. They didn’t say anything about you being free. You’re emancipated. Go back and look at the movie on Lincoln. “I will emancipate them but they will not have the same freedoms that we have.” It’s two different things.

HACKLEY: Where does white supremacy fit into this? After all, the enslaved made America into America.

YOUNG: On the backs of the Hebrew Israelite, America was born. I will agree with that. Concerning the enslavement and white supremacy, it’s because we gave it to them. We gave them the opportunity to march in on top of us and treat us like they’ve been doing. We gave up our rights as a people. Here in the now, we’re still giving up those rights.

Everyday that we depend on welfare and food stamps. We need to build co-ops. We need to get out own grocery stores. Everyone else has theirs. They come to our neighborhoods and take everything we’ve got. They take our money out of our neighborhood, why? Because we’re too busy trying to stab each other in the back. Because we will not co-op together or be cooperative with each other. It’s not always about “it’s my thing.” It’s got to get to the point of, it’s our thing. Until it gets down to that point of our thing, then we will always be on the back seat.

HACKLEY: Computers are programmed, people can be programmed. How do you reform a persons programming that they’ve had since slavery so that they help themselves similarly to the way other ethnic groups help themselves today?

YOUNG: Over 430 years of slavery is written in the Bible while they were in Israel. You were shown how to get out of slavery. You were shown in this book, this history book of Israel of the Hebrew Israelite, how to get past all of that and yet we refuse to look at it. We’re so busy, stuck on the New Testament thinking about something that you think is there and it’s not there. A mistaken or stolen identity used for religious purposes for the enslavement of others.

You see, it all runs together and until you get to the point of what the Bible is about and the people who are here today who represent it, all the other races out there, even the Jews will tell you, “we know who you are, why don’t you know who you are?”

HACKLEY: In English, how do you succinctly communicate the point you’re making? Over 400 years of history can’t be learned in one hour?

YOUNG: You’ve had over 430 years to learn it. But, the first thing you have to do is pick up the Bible and start reading it. If you want to talk about education, education has to start at home. It doesn’t start in some school.

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