Infusing Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman’s spirit into Fort Wayne blacks

| February 14, 2014
Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley


Whether you believe the “mythical” 302nd year anniversary of the 1712 Willie Lynch “Let’s Make a Slave” letter has any historical basis, you have to admit that it does have validity regarding the state of the black community and raise interesting questions that need to be answered, that remain unanswered, and that we can answer.  We just haven’t.  We have ignored the detrimental effect and impact of out of control, generational slave mentality figuring that, if we don’t discuss it, it will disappear or just mysteriously go away.  Too many of us laugh at the idea of slave mentality being an epidemic, but it has indeed retarded our intellectual curiosity, growth and the cohesiveness of Fort Wayne’s and other American black communities.

The Willie Lynch letter goes on to say that if the slave mentality is not dealt with forthrightly within the original 300-year period, that it will become our new mindset. From the time American slavery began until now, the plan was to no longer kill us, but in too many cases to beat us to the point of death and psychologically break us into a completely domesticated and confused mental state like that of a pet, where many of us are presently.

The most successful non-white group who fought toe-to-toe and successfully battled Euro-American terrorists/white supremacists who enslaved blacks and exterminated Indians was the Miami Coalition whose HQ was located at Kekionga (now called Fort Wayne).  The Miami coalition war tactic has a symbolic relevance that puts the plight of Fort Wayne black people into a workable perspective. Now I already know, many of you are thinking, “there he goes, talking about those damn Indians again. Their story has nothing to do with us, because we’re African Americans.”  Those who have that mindset could not be more wrong and myopic!  It does have a direct correlation with Fort Wayne blacks, I can prove it and here’s the best way that I can address this issue.

In addition to Richard Sherman, I have noticed that great athletes and coaches tend to be knowledgeable of the approaches of great coaches and athletes in competitive situations.  Richard Sherman and great leaders tend to be knowledgeable in the study of warfare history and the tactics of history’s great warriors.  The strategies in preparing an offense and defense have direct parallels with war strategy.  Any leader in any field tends to be curious and knowledgeable of the successful leaders in their and other fields of endeavor.  The knowledge of tactics from one type of competition or warfare are directly applicable to other totally unrelated fields and disciplines.  However, a prerequisite for the transference of knowledge from one field to another is not that they all be of the same ethnicity.

The idea behind the “Black Think-Tank Forum” concept is that each speaker is treated as an independent chief, or a person possessing some pertinent information, specialized knowledge or insight in the analysis of, or in the understanding of how to fix, solve or address the key issues for the people of his tribe.

The common denominator here is, there is clear evidence that Fort Wayne black warriors are at WAR, on a mission to seek out and destroy Willie Lynch. The last WAR update shows, at the end of the 3rd quarter, Willie Lynch is winning the battle.  He’s much stronger and elusive than we thought. But we’re confident that we can defeat Willie Lynch.  After all, as Ronald Reagan once said, “We are Americans,” and we’re the black ones from Fort Wayne.  Our aim is to end Fort Wayne history illiteracy, enlighten and re-write the statuesque HIS-Story script to include blacks and Indians in equal, starring roles with Anthony Wayne and Tom Henry.

Although this direct action initiative is not intended to incite, endorse or in any way promote military warfare or anything where the objective is to kill an enemy. It however, is designed to challenge potency of Fort Wayne blacks to be unafraid to solve problems individually, but in a team oriented way with the same individual veracity and Warrior Spirit as Richard Sherman’s rant.

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