Hunger, cause of marital quarrels —Study

| April 19, 2014

Perhaps the old urban legend we heard years and years ago about a man shooting his wife to death after sitting down to dinner and having his biscuits not ready isn’t as apocryphal as we once thought. On a more global scale, think of all the conflict in the world these days and about how much of it occurs in impoverished areas. Think of how groups like al-Qaeda have been able to recruit so easily among indigenous populations by promising young men work, money and food.

We have the technology to feed the world but greed prevents us from producing to our potential. Thus, hungry people will be angry and the world will be in turmoil.

Hunger, cause of marital quarrels —Study

 Ruth Olurounbi

Researchers using voodoo dolls have proven the maxim that indeed “a hungry man is an angry man.” Couples are more likely to quarrel if they are “hungry”- hungry and angry says scientist.

The study, which was conducted in The Ohio State University’s department of communications and psychology, followed 107 couples, married for an average of 12 years and found a connection between levels of blood sugar and feelings of aggression towards a spouse

“People can relate to this idea that when they get hungry, they get cranky,” said lead researcher, Dr. Brad Bushman. “We found that being hungry can affect our behaviour in a bad way, even in our most intimate relationships.”

via Hunger, cause of marital quarrels —Study.

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