Have faith, see the future in advance

| January 15, 2014

By Lyndia Grant

Special to the NNPA from The Washington Informer

Happy New Year to you all! My wish for you in the upcoming year is that those of you who want more out of life will join me on my faith journey – I’m finally moving in the right direction, again. Though I’ve been blessed to do many exciting and extraordinary things in my 62 years, much of which I’ve written about in this column; there is still so much more to do.

Lyndia Grant

Lyndia Grant

One of my successes is my coaching ability, as I reach out with this column to help thousands of readers achieve dreams the Lord has placed in their hearts; writing about success principles and trying to motivate you, and encourage you to “do it now.”

These principles were taught by my late mentor Jim Rohn, plus I’ve added a little Wayne Dyer. These are proven principles that continue to be taught to millions around the world every day. Rohn uses stories from the Bible throughout his teachings, so that’s a perfect fit for my column. We’ve got to have faith, never give up on hope and stop thinking that life has dealt us this bad hand. Speak life!

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Change your daily habits and practice seeing the future in advance. We operate according to Biblical standards. Hebrew 11:1 says it this way, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” We then will be able to change our thinking, amend our errors and develop new habits to replace the old ones. Another perfect scripture that defends this philosophy is Romans 12:2 which reads“And be not conformed to this world, but ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

An exciting way to achieve your goals in life is if you commit fully to renewing your mind and your plans on a daily basis. This will surely yield results that are almost immediate. For example, if you decide to expand your business; develop a solid marketing plan, and once you have the perfect marketing tools, keep that plan in front of someone who can use your services every day!

Another example took place when my company erected the bronze bust of the Rev. Jesse Jackson to honor him for his successful bid for president of the United States, it was my marketing plan. Although unsuccessful, the 1984 and 1988 presidential campaigns of Jackson, under his Rainbow Coalition proved to be extremely significant because they represented the first major attempt by a black to ascend to the presidency. To get my company on the map, we commissioned a sculptor to create an official bust of Jackson. It took two years, granted, we made a lot of mistakes, 40 to 60 phone calls to schedule appointments to meet with Jackson, but in the end, it worked.

Today, the bust stands as a testament to my faith. It’s housed inside Jackson’s headquarters at Operation Push in Chicago. The centerpiece of his exhibits, Jackson poses for photographs with visitors next to the bronze bust envisioned by me and sanctioned by Jackson as being “official.” A plaque bears my name as president and CEO along with my board of directors. Truly a faith journey—it was difficult to see this project completed and believe that it would make a major difference for my company when it finally came to fruition; it worked!

It all began with my faith—the belief that I could indeed accomplish my goal. The Lord ordered my steps, and today my work is a testament to my faith. I couldn’t discuss this with all of you unless I had first-hand knowledge – I’ve seen faith in action.

Lyndia Grant is an author, inspirational and motivational speaker, radio talk show host and columnist. Visit her new website,www.lyndiagrant.com, email her at lyndiagrant@gmail.com or call 202-518-3192. Tune in Fridays at 6 p.m. to the radio talk show on 1340 AM, WYCB, a Radio One Station.


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