Georgia gun law could make barroom brawls more deadly

| April 24, 2014

It remains to be seen whether this will make Georgia safer as some advocates of the law claim or if the mixture of firearms and liquid courage might make some people lose the last vestige of restraint they might have had. Minor arguments at the pool table could escalate into something deadly on a frequent basis—then again, maybe not. Also, one if it might again issue in the era of criminals who decide to kill everyone in a place they decide to rob as a preemptive measure. Whatever the case might be, we won’t be visiting any bars in Georgia any time soon.

Georgia’s sweeping new gun law allows guns in bars, churches

Georgia gun billSurrounded by bill supporters, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signs House Bill 60 into law Wednesday. The bill makes several changes to the state’s gun law. (Brant Sanderlin / AP / April 23, 2014)

In Georgia, it will soon be legal to carry a gun in more places — including bars, churches and government buildings — following Gov. Nathan Deal’s signing Wednesday of a bill celebrated by supporters as a victory for the 2nd Amendment but decried by critics as the “guns-everywhere bill.” 

“We Georgians believe in the right of people to defend themselves, and we believe in the 2nd Amendment,” Deal said. The measure drew national attention because of its sweep and its passage after a number of high-profile shootings around the country.

The Safe Carry Protection Act, which takes effect July 1, will allow licensed gun owners to take firearms into houses of worship if the congregation allows it, into bars unless the owner objects, into non-secure areas of airports, and into government buildings, except past security checkpoints.

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