Fighting to stay fit: Former local boxer readies for record book bid

| September 10, 2014
Bobby Moore is using his boxing skills—and a self-challenge—to encourage the community to get into good physical shape.

Bobby Moore is using his boxing skills—and a self-challenge—to encourage the community to get into good physical shape.

FORT WAYNE—Real followers of local sport might already know the name Bobby Moore. “Back in the day,” as they say, Moore was one of the area’s top amateur boxers, winning three Golden Gloves championships and going on to compete in three national finals boxing tournaments before going on to a brief professional career before moving on to other business and personal endeavors.

Although he hung up his competitive gloves some time ago, Moore has always stayed close to boxing, working with young people interested in the sport, spending time with boxing legend friends such as Olympic Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Seales and training at the Renaissance Pointe YMCA. But, as Moore explains, at this stage of his life, it’s not about training to get back in the ring. Rather, it’s to stay physically fit and healthy, something Moore said spills into all aspects of a person’s life, adding that staying physically fit also keeps one’s mind sharp.

Still, Moore said he loves a challenge and although he has no plans to step back into the ring, he said he’s set to make boxing history in another way.

Moore currently is working to set a record for punches thrown in a set amount of time for a person 50 years of age or older. He said he has been timed throwing 25 fully extended punches in 3.5 seconds and 50 punches in eight seconds.

“It’s not about boxing, it’s about condition,” he explained.

While he said he enjoyed a decent amateur and professional career, Moore concedes it could have been better.

“I had a good career, but it wasn’t as good as it could have been, but hindsight is 20/20. I know a lot more now than i did then,” he explained. “What I do know now is, the better shape I’m in, the better I can function. The better I function, the more results I’m going to get out of what I’m trying to do. So that’s where I’m at now—trying to get in better shape every day.”

Moore has been working a number of initiatives to spread that message to the community—that health is of the utmost importance and that being physically fit is one key to health.

Along the way, he got the idea to use his boxing skills to challenge himself and the public to push themselves to do better in life.

“My ultimate goal is to throw 25 punches in three seconds. I do it in four now,” he said. “My other goal is to throw 50 punches in six seconds. I do it in eight now.”

When asked how that compared with others, Moore said he hadn’t found anything in the record books to date with times for throwing 25 and 50 punches, but he said, to his knowledge, no one his age has set those benchmarks he’s talking about reaching.

“Karate guys throw four or five hundred punches per minute but they’re not throwing fully extended punches,” he explained.

He said he would like to someday soon get those accomplishments in the record book. But, he said, the bottom line is encouraging people to take care of their health.

“I know people 40 years old in wheelchairs or walking around like they have nothing else to do,” said Moore.

Nearly anyone can improve their condition, he said. It all starts with mind and attitude. That’s why he set a goal in his mind to set a record for throwing punches at his age. And, he encourages others to do the same—set goals in the mind to achieve in life.

If you train your body, train your mind. Actually, your body follows your mind,” he said. The better that mind is, the better that body is.”

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