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| January 20, 2014

On Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 from 6  p.m. to 8:30 p.m., I will host a Non-Traditional Black History Month Leadership Think-Tank Issue Forum where Black Chiefs will give their answers, solutions and insights on questions that I will ask concerning the importance of Reading, the Rebuilding of Fort Wayne’s Black Community, Ending Slave Mentality,

Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley

Brainwashing, Reversing the impact of being Divided & Conquered and perhaps an introduction to Black Group Economic theory.

WHY is this forum necessary?  To stimulate the mind’s ability to repair itself by feeding it issue oriented stimuli.  The theory that I’m anxious to prove is centered on the idea that, the showcasing of Black people displaying focused intelligence, self-confidence and examples of success will exorcise “Willie Lynch” from the Mindsets of Black People. In fact, according to the Final Call version of the 1712 Willie Lynch letter, it might already be too late to destroy the slave mentality.  That’s why we first declared war on Willie Lynch with a calendar that began in February of 2012.

With all that being said, I therefore would like to openly invite the following Chiefs and organizations to join us in this education oriented Black History Month initiative:

• Black Middle, High School and College Student Leaders,

• Black Educators and Administrators,

• Black Pastors and Entrepreneurs,

• Black Barbers, Beauticians and Nail Techs,

• Black Hip Hop Artists and Poets,

• Black Citizens who prefer to be silent spectators,

• Moorish American Leaders,

• Hebrew Israelites,

• Nation of Islam Leaders,

• African Immigrants & Refugees, and

• Miami Nation of Indians Chief & Councilmen of the State of Indiana.

Wayne Township Trustee Richard Stevenson, political activist Sharon Tucker and Fort Wayne Urban League President/CEO Jonathan Ray will be asked to give concluding remarks.

This Forum will be videotaped and segments will appear on Facebook and YouTube.  Although I’m banned from using Access TVs studios, cameras and equipment, the manager said that Access TV will air my productions but they must be complete shows and produced in the field. Luckily, I taught myself everything I need to know to meet their dictates.  Oops, I almost forgot that White supremacy reserves the right to change the rules anytime it wants, in mid stride, even after the game has started.  So If you don’t see these leaders on Fort Wayne Access TV, you will already know in advance what happened.

And yes, my first book is complete. You can click here to purchase it from or you can visit the Fort Wayne Urban League to purchase a copy of the book for $12.95.  Once you read the book and if you feel it has value, please tell others and your ethnic friends what you think about the book and why they need to purchase a copy and read it.

If you want to invite me to speak about my book, contact me at or call the office of Frost Illustrated at (260) 745-0552.

This is a 2014 is a New Year.  Stop sitting in the audience and on the sidelines and come out and make your opinions and perspectives heard.

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at

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