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| April 9, 2014

Living Single

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”—Michelangelo

By Genevieve Epps

Genevieve Epps

Genevieve Epps

My desire is to deposit into your lives, to exhort through written words. You see, words spoken or written have the power to heal and through this Living Single Series, lives will be changed.

I love the above quote by Michelangelo illustrating how he sees and sculpts beautiful art from a simple piece of clay. I’m adapting that idea with my written words. I want to sculpt touching stories from thoughts that run across my mind or from conversations I’ve shared or simply from something I’ve read or seen.

I enjoy putting pen to paper to redefine and refine life through the imaginative creativity through writing. Art should move you to act after moving in your heart, That’s what the written word is—it’s art. In the season I’m currently living in, I’m paying attention to this concept of single living. I want to converse and share conversations about living single.

So, what are you thinking about in relation to living single? To my single sisters, our singleness is not a yoke or burden that you carry until the right man comes your way. Living single is a symbol of honor to adorn and embrace.

To my single brothers, you may be thinking, “I’ve never thought about living single I just live life.” You may even be thinking. “What can you, a woman, tell me about living single?” Well, read on maybe you’ll be enlightened.

I’m going to start off with knowledge I’ve obtained of a woman who had some pretty powerful qualities—qualities anyone, woman or man, would love to have. Here is the point to keep in mind: this woman was single until her future destiny changed. This woman didn’t view her singleness as a crutch but instead she used her singleness to change the world. In her singleness, she was self sustaining with business skills relating to real estate and organizational skills along with financial savvy. She further had courage and leadership skills and, lastly, she displayed faith which changed her future along with the future of her family.

This single woman chose a location for her home which was where her business was run—on the side of a mountain. Southern California, if you can imagine, is famous for this style of home. Her home provided her clientele easy access to the business without question. This woman, while she didn’t have any formal accountant training, managed the finances for the business, which successfully kept the business running. During a time of extreme need, this business location was selected as a safe place.

This single woman had the courage needed to do not what everyone in her situation could have done. This woman had the courage to lie to authorities, risking her own life to protect individuals she knew nothing about. I have heard some people say this woman acted in fear while others profess she acted in faith. The fact of the matter is the woman’s actions were intentional and this woman just happened to be single. This single woman led two strangers, spies to her roof instructing them where to hide followed by specific instructions to escape to the countryside where authorities’ would not find them. Her courage was demonstrated further as she talked with the spies about the future destruction to take place of the neighborhood in which she lived, as she made a request asking kindness and spared lives for herself and her family as she had shown kindness to the two men. She further demonstrated her heart of love and leadership qualities in her family. I imagine the conversation going something like this, “Listen, Mom and Dad and the rest of y’all, I’m scheduling a family meeting of the utmost importance. I need you to come to my house on (specific date at this time given) don’t ask no questions just be there, no excuses).”

Finally, it is evident throughout the story this single sister, Rahab, acted in faith. With location, running this questionable business a house of prostitution. After hearing about a mighty, powerful God, her faith is demonstrated by the benefits of believing God. Through faith, Rahab took action with an authoritative decision to help and, after working her faith, she further stepped out on faith making a plea for protection for her entire family and believing her plea would be honored—now that’s faith.

While Rahab may be known by many for her questionable past because of her lifestyle, I choose today to remember her for her strength as a single woman who has left a legacy not with just her act of being brave but also her genealogy of Jesus. Rahab married King Solomon and had a son who became King Boaz.

What direction will your life take? What is your focus as a single woman? How are you demonstrating your gifts of leadership, courage, faith etc. How are you living single?

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