Drug agents crack down on synthetic drugs in U.S.

| May 7, 2014

We are by no means chemist or drug experts but all the anecdotal evidence we have seen—even some first hand—indicates that these drugs are incredibly dangerous.  In addition to law enforcement crackdowns, however, there needs to be a concerted effort to do more education about synthetic recreational drugs.

Just as a side note, we’re curious if the use of such drugs has gone down in areas where “natural” recreational drugs such as marijuana has been legalized. We’re not advocating recreational drug use on any level—even when it comes to alcohol—but we’d be curious to know if anyone, particularly law enforcement agencies, are tracking this.

U.S. drug agents make wide crackdown on synthetic drugs

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents served hundreds of search and arrest warrants in at least 25 states on Wednesday as part of a crackdown on synthetic drug producers and distributors, the Associated Press reported.

A DEA official confirmed to Reuters that the agency is involved in an operation targeting synthetic drugs.

Synthetic drugs include blends of marijuana and drugs known as bath salts and Molly, and they are known to have dangerously unpredictable effects on consumers who are usually unaware of the levels of mind-altering chemicals in each blend.

The DEA has increased its scrutiny over the drugs since they gained popularity around 2010.

via U.S. drug agents make wide crackdown on synthetic drugs | Reuters.

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