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| February 3, 2014

Uncut Special presentation—From time to time, Frost Illus- trated exercises its commitment to present voices straight from the community. Oftentimes, those voices insist on getting across a totally uncensored message to pre- serve their cadence and context. In an effort to honor such voices, we offer the following Uncut Special Presentation unedited and written exactly as the presenter intended. (Note: Uncut Special Presentations still must adhere to rules regarding slander and libel.)

Laleta McClure

Laleta McClure

DID YOU KNOW? By Laleta McClure

Did you know that we, you have Civil Rights? Allow me to explain myself on what I mean and why I am asking this question. We are continuing to have robberies in the community, where employees are working alone… People we, you have rights, you do not have to allow an employer to have you work under these conditions. Christina Winslow of Queens, New York (team winslow@acacas20) stated “the community has a voice and unity is the key for change”.

Workers, employees must band together and inform these employers of the ‘harm’s way, a dangerous situation’ that they are placing you in. I know that you need money, but with that you do not and should not give up your dignity, or your Civil Rights. You must stand for something are you will fall for anything.

For example, I worked for a local bank, as a part-time teller here in Fort Wayne years ago, actually while pregnant with my son Jeremiah. And they adjusted the schedules to have us work on Saturdays by ourselves. On that following Monday morning I approached my Branch Manager and gave two arguments as to why this was an unreasonable situation for the bank itself and the employees themselves. And that following Saturday we were back to two employees working at all times on Saturdays.

For one reason this is financially unfeasible for any employer to allow an employee to open, close, or work by themselves. Somebody needs to be watching somebody. This to me allows for theft from that employee and theft from the community. Just like this past incident with the BP gas station, the employee (who was working alone) was threatening with her life that he had been watching her and knew where she lived and to not call the police.

Really people, stop allowing these companies to take away your Civil Rights. Only a fool would allow you to open, close, work by yourself, and then also place you in ‘harm’s way’. And only a fool would allow a company to place them in such ‘harm’s way’. All money is not good money, I am just saying “that as a community with unity; we have the power to make change”…

The community also has a voice in this situation. Note that when an employer allows for only one employee to work that means that we the customers will be receiving insufficient customer service. Meaning that we wait in line for one person, and that to me speaks volume as to how companies, corporations value their customers. Customers are and should be a company’s number one stakeholder.

So why are we waiting in line to spend our money and support businesses with only one employee working? Do you know that the employee who is working alone also has to wait to use the rest room and take a lunch break? How much humanity is that? So in summary the employees and we the community together can voice a change in this disservice of treatment.

Employees can unify themselves and meet with the higher powers to be of the organization whom they work for and we the community can contact these companies and voice a concern of change. Let us not allow companies to save a buck/dollar at all of our expense.

And again in the words of Emmitt Till’s mother Mamie Bradley, “what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all”. Remember GOD is good all the time and all the time GOD is good, keep your head up and GOD BLESS you and Happy New Year…

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