Dad smothers baby to play video games

| April 18, 2014

Addictions of all types seem to drive crime in this nation—be they alcohol, drugs and now video addictions. Plus, with all of the child abuse cases, perhaps communities need to look at ways to better prepare people for parenthood. You have to take a test to drive a car; and you’r supposed to have a license to carry a firearm—or even go fishing. But, anyone can have a child, whether they are prepared or not.

Dad Smothers His Baby To Keep Playing Video Games

Cody Eugene Wygant

Image Courtesy: Bradenton Herald

A Florida dad smothers his baby to keep playing video games. Cody Eugene Wygant, 24, was arrested Thursday by deputies for third degree murder and willful child neglect of his 1-year-old baby boy, Daymeon Wygant.

According the arrest report, Wygant became irritated with his baby for crying while he was trying to play Xbox. Wygant told deputies and investigators that he put his hand over the babies mouth and nose to muffle his loud crying, after about three to four minutes he took his hand away because the baby seemed tired and he placed him in his playpen.

Dad smothered his baby to keep playing video games. Image Courtesy: Bradenton Herald

After placing the baby in the playpen, Wygant went back to playing Xbox and watching some episodes of his favorite television show, more than five hours elapsed before he went to check on his son.

Wygant swaddled the baby with multiple layers of bedding, including the babies head so he was not able to breath or receive fresh air, according to the arrest report.

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