Could tiny houses help nation’s homeless problem? | The Salt Lake Tribune

| February 26, 2014

In this Jan. 16, 2014 photo Betty Ybarra, 48, stands outside a tiny houses she and her boyfriend live in, in Madison, Wis. It is the first house built by OM Build, which wants to build nine houses in Madison for the homeless. (AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger)

Could tiny houses help nation’s homeless problem?

By CARRIE ANTLFINGER | Associated Press

Madison, Wis. • While tiny houses have been attractive for those wanting to downsize or simplify their lives for financial or environmental reasons, there’s another population benefiting from the small-dwelling movement: the homeless.

There’s a growing effort across the nation from advocates and religious groups to build these compact buildings because they are cheaper than a traditional large-scale shelter, help the recipients socially because they are built in communal settings and are environmentally friendly due to their size.

“You’re out of the elements, you’ve got your own bed, you’ve got your own place to call your own,” said Harold “Hap” Morgan, who is without a permanent home in Madison. “It gives you a little bit of self-pride: This is my own house.”

via Could tiny houses help nation’s homeless problem? | The Salt Lake Tribune.

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