Church used to advance ‘worldly rights’ agenda

| March 17, 2014

WWJS—What would Jesus do? What would Jesus say? We searched hard a long to find Jesus advancing a political agenda in the scriptures but found only his indifference for “Caesar” at best and lack of interest in politics of the world. But, what do we know? Presiding Elder of the Indiana North District of the 4th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Anne Henning Byfield recently preached a sermon at Turner Chapel AME Church about stupidity—for example, the stupidity of Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of beans, an the stupidity of us changing worship and the church to attract worldliness, rather than provide a spiritual sanctuary from the world. What’s next? Roulette wheels and strippers in the church? Might get more people to come, but if the salt loses it savor…

Baptist churches giving away guns to attract new members


Praise the Lord . . . and pass the ammunition.

Baptist churches in the Kentucky town that was the site of a deadly high school shooting are giving away steaks and guns to attract more people to their congregations.

According to WJBK Fox 2, churches in Paducah – where three students were killed during a school shooting in 1997 – are hosting “Second Amendment Celebrations,” giving away guns to attract more people to the pews.

At Lone Oak First Baptist Church, about 1,300 people crammed into the church hall this month for a steak dinner and pep talk by a gun expert, Chuck McAlister. McAlister was hired by Kentucky’s Southern Baptists in an attempt to grow church membership. Twenty-five guns were raffled off during the dinner. Winners were required to pass a background check.

via Baptist churches giving away guns to attract new members | Fox News.

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