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| February 24, 2014

Christie is toxic, but not Nugent?

Talk about a big-time diss.

Greg Abbott, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Texas, chose not to meet with Gov. Chris Christie, who is chairman of the Republican Governors Association, when Christie visited Texas two weeks ago on a fund-raising tour. Abbott apparently feared any association with Christie, who has been getting negative press lately because of the George Washington Bridge scandal, might hurt his candidacy.

But Abbott apparently had no such reservations about campaigning with rock musician Ted Nugent, a foul-mouthed, radical right-winger whose Stone-Age comments about women, minorities and politicians have given rise to a website that has cataloged his most offensive remarks.

Calls in some quarters for Christie to denounce Abbott for his association with Nugent have gone unheeded.

via Christie is toxic, but not Nugent? | The Asbury Park Press NJ |

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