Chicago wants to video all gun sales

| May 29, 2014

This is certain to set of a number of protests and constitutional challenges. It will be interesting to see how the collision between a municipalities right to regulate businesses—i.e. on zoning—and Second Amendment rights play out. Its a totally different issue, but we remember seeing battles in some areas that pitted First Amendment rights against a city’s ability to regulate the location of businesses such as massage parlors. In cases that we say, cities seem to win out in most cases, particularly in Fort Wayne, Ind.

With Second Amendment issues, however, there are large special interest groups as well as a significant adamant citizenry that certainly will challenge the City of Chicago on this plan.

Of course, we’ll hear all the arguments about why this wont help the crime situation in the windy city—and there’s a good chance it will not have a significant impact. But, something must be done about the rash of violence in the U.S. Guns are only a means to an end. While a lot of homicides are committed with a firearm, folks determined to kill are going to find someway to kill.  The problem seems to be the nation’s propensity for violence. To us, some measures such as criminal background checks and mental health background checks for prospective gun purchasers seem reasonable. Unfortunately, a lot of folks who end up killing people with firearms have no criminal record—until they commit that one act.

Again, this ultimately will play out as a spiritual and mental health issue, indicating the need for us to delve deeply into our collective national psyche and find out why we are such a figuratively “trigger happy” society.

Thats not to say that ubiquity isn’t an issue. After all, would you leave a loaded weapon around an unsupervised three-year-old? Would you give easy access to firearms to a populous that daily proves its spiritual and social immaturity?

Chicago push to video all gun sales

file photo of handguns on display at the table of David Petronis of Mechanicville, New York 26 January 2013Chicago’s ban on gun sales was struck down as unconstitutional

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed an edict that would bar gun shops from operating in 99.5% of the city and require video of each sale.

The proposal comes in response to a court order overturning the city’s ban on handgun sales.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US and a gun-related murder rate three times higher than New York’s and twice Los Angeles’s.

Some city leaders expect this latest plan to be challenged in court.

The package of measures includes:

videotaping of all sales in gun shops

prohibit gun sales within 500 feet of schools or parks

limiting sales to one per month per buyer

a 72-hour waiting period to buy handguns, 24 hours for rifles and shotguns

gun store employees to undergo background checks

When asked whether videotaping sales amounted to intimidation, Mr Emanuel said cash withdrawals were also on film.

via BBC News – Chicago push to video all gun sales.

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