Pedophile asks to be deleted from Google search

| May 15, 2014

When we first heard of this ruling, we wondered what the longterm impact would be. It’s interesting that people, particularly members of the current generation, have come to depend on Google and other searches to find what they consider to be reliable and current information. Such searches also are considered a reliable way to do historical research.

While we know that there’s a lot of inaccurate, improperly vetted information out there, we recognize that the vast majority of widely-reported news articles contain fairly reliable “historical” information. We earlier surmised that this EU ruling was tantamount to allowing people to rewrite history—even when it was true—simply because the didn’t like it or felt embarrassed by it. With this latest case of a convicted pedophile wanted his history erased, we can’t help but wonder if this trend toward changing history might, in some case, endanger the public.

Just a thought…

Politician and paedophile ask Google to ‘be forgotten’

By Jane Wakefield

Technology reporter

A pencil erasing numbers from a pageThe right-to-be-forgotten ruling set a precedent for the removal of search results in Europe

Google has received fresh takedown requests after a European court ruled that an individual could force it to remove “irrelevant and outdated” search results, the BBC has learned.

An ex-politician seeking re-election has asked to have links to an article about his behaviour in office removed.

A man convicted of possessing child abuse images has requested links to pages about his conviction to be wiped.

And a doctor wants negative reviews from patients removed from the results.

Google itself has not commented on the so-called right-to-be-forgotten ruling since it described the the European Court of Justice judgement as being “disappointing”.

via BBC News – Politician and paedophile ask Google to ‘be forgotten’.

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