Avoid Common Mistakes Filing Taxes

| April 13, 2014

Okay, so this might be a little late, be we can count at least one person in our own office who just filed his taxes. So, there probably are still people who could utilize this information:

Avoid Common Errors when Filing Tax Return

By: Millie Warren 

RENO, NV – Remember, April 15, 2014 is the deadline for filing your tax return. Before filing your tax return, you should check to make sure it doesn’t contain any errors. The IRS provides the following tips to help you avoid some common errors.

The IRS suggests filing your return electronically through e-file or IRS Free File. This tax software finds common errors and alerts taxpayers when there is missing information. The IRS says this vastly reduces tax return errors.

Another tip is to fill in all requested information clearly and to review all figures. The IRS says when entering information, such as Social Security numbers, take the time to clearly print. They add that taxpayers should check only one filing status and the appropriate exemption boxes.

via Avoid Common Errors when Filing Tax Return.

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