‘Amateur chemists’ risk explosion making hash oil in wake of legalized pot

| May 6, 2014

Folks, you’ve got legal smoke out there. Maybe you should leave well enough alone.

On another note, in the wake of legalization moves around the country, don’t be surprised to hear more stories about the negative impact legalization of marijuana has had. That is to be expected. With any drug that has recreational potential, problems are bound to occur. Interestingly enough, one drug that has caused a host of problems in our culture seems perfectly acceptable and affected by only limited stigma—alcohol.

Hash oil explosions rise with legalized marijuana

By Sadie Gurman

DENVER (AP) — The opening months of Colorado’s first-in-the-nation recreational marijuana industry have seen a rise in fiery explosions and injuries as pot users try to make the drug’s intoxicating oil in crude home-based laboratories.

Since Jan. 1, when sales began, the state’s only certified adult burn center has treated 10 people with serious injuries they suffered while making hash oil, compared with 11 in 2013 and one in 2012.

Law enforcement and fire officials, meanwhile, are grappling with how to respond, as the questionable legality of the process has made it difficult to punish amateur chemists. Some prosecutors are charging them with felonies, while others say hash oil production is protected under a provision of the new legal pot law.

via Hash oil explosions rise with legalized marijuana – Businessweek.

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