5-year-old shoots 7-year-old to death

| April 15, 2014

The other side of “rights” is “responsibility.” While much of the debate over guns is about whether access to them should be limited incidents in recent times—like this tragedy—suggest that there also needs to be extensive discussion over responsible ownership. That includes not only keeping weapons out of the hands of children but also securing them to minimize he possibility that they might be stolen and end up in the wrong hands on the street. Exercise your rights but do not become lax with your responsibility. If you’re going to own a weapon, take some gun safety classes, not only about safe usage but also safe care and storage. This is not to blame anyone in this tragedy but merely to suggest that in matters like this, we can’t afford even a moment of forgetfulness regarding what might be in our homes. This not only applies to weapons but to other potential dangers such as medicine, power tools, swimming pools and recreational vehicles. Please, be vigilant with children in your home.

Boy, 5, shoots, kills girl, 7, at birthday party thinking it was toy gun: Kids with guns

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Boy, 5, shoots, kills girl, 7, at birthday party thinking it was toy gun: Kids with guns

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gunpic.jpgBy all accounts it was yet another tragic accident involving children with firearms. In this case, coming from Gaston, S.C., the setting was a weekend birthday party.

A five-year-old boy got permission from his mother to get his toy gun from the trunk of a car to play with. No one seemed to know that a real, loaded gun also was in the trunk.

The boy accidentally shot and killed a seven-year-old girl while trying to get his toy gun from the car. The real gun belonged to the boyfriend of the boy’s mother. The boy is believed to have touched the trigger of the loaded weapon while it was still in the trunk. All this, according to the Associated Press.

After the gun went off, the bullet passed through the car and hit the girl in the chest. Fragments from the shot hit another 5-year-old boy in the arm.

Both injured children were taken to a local hospital. The girl was declared dead. The boy’s injury is not life-threatening, police said. The deceased victim has been identified as Juliet Lynch, according to published reports.

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