20-year-old imprisoned for ‘sextortion’

| March 18, 2014

Here’s a cautionary tale for young folks. In addition to ‘sextortion’ potentially leading to prison young people also need to be aware that playing sex games on cell phones could come back to haunt young people. For example, sexting—sending sexually explicit photos—to someone underage or even an underage photo of one’s self could lead to charges of trafficking child pornography. Make sure to exercise vigilance if you give your underage children cell phones or access to the Internet or they could develop ideas and habits that could cause serious legal problems later  or even sooner in life.

Southern California ‘sextortionist’ gets 18 months in prison


He’s been dubbed the “sextortionist:” a purportedly soft-spoken Southern California kid who got caught last year hacking into young women’s computers, monitoring their webcams and threatening to expose them, literally.

His ransom? Nude images or forced participation in sexy Skype sessions.

Donning a blue blazer, Jared James Abrahams, 20, read a statement of apology in an Orange County courtroom on Monday when he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He said: “I can only imagine the pain for what I’ve done to you,” OC Weekly reported.

via Southern California ‘sextortionist’ gets 18 months in prison.

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