$100 each to watch a girl in a bikini get Tasered for charity?

| April 10, 2014

Naw. This has got to be some kind of parody. No one could think this is funny, fun or anything like that. And, as the article says, surely there’s got to be a better way to raise charity funds. Some folks also are likely to look at the woman and ask, “why someone who looks like her.” This was just asking for trouble—if it’s real!

imgur: the simple image sharerThere has to be a better way to help grieving families than to watch a scantily clad young woman get shot in the back.

Brought to you by the department of What the F**k Is This: a 30-second clip of a lady, wearing a bikini, getting Tasered. Allegedly, it is a charity stunt.

“Thanks for raising a lot of money for families of fallen officers,” says a voice in the background, as professionals zap the woman and then lower her to the ground as she screams.

According to the video description, bystanders donated $100 each to watch the event.

via A bunch of guys apparently paid $100 each to watch a girl in a bikini get Tasered.

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