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| December 4, 2013

Uncut Special Presentation: From time to time, Frost Illustrated exercises its commitment to present voices straight from the community. Oftentimes, those voices insist on getting across a totally uncensored message to preserve their cadence and context. In an effort to honor such voices, we offer the following Uncut Special Presentation unedited and written exactly as the presenter intended. (Note: Uncut Special Presentations still must adhere to rules regarding slander and libel.)

Eric Hackley

Eric Hackley

I decided to write a book after I was Kicked off Fort Wayne Public Access Television after 30 years of Hosting and Producing Cable TV Talk-Shows. The 1st thing I want to say about Fort Wayne Public Access TV Manager Norman is, he’s one helluva nice guy. Low keyed, stoic, and will listen calmly and extremely patiently to what you have to say or discuss. He’s a good manager although, perhaps his company policies that he’s chocking me with may reap with just a pinch of Historic White Supremacy and Jim Crow. I had believed that we were partners together in cable Television, to enlighten the world of ethnic people in Fort Wayne. I thought that sharing my goals and objectives would be intelligent, as I viewed him as an ally in pursuit of my and his Public Access TV destiny. Therefore, I with full clarity of mind, henceforth nominate myself retroactively, “HOUSE Nigger” of the Year 2011. I confidently thought we were a team until I was kicked off the air after doing a Live Call-In Talk-show with Kevin Muhammad.

Norman, like I said is a heckuva nice guy. When he finally wrote me the letter that for months I asked him to write, he did and gave it to me on March 11, 2011. In fact, he was such a nice guy, that he even read it to me. However, I did inform him that I know how to read. I guess to help me understand, he took a step closer to me and as he read, he used his finger to point at the words as he said them. Boy what a helper he is. Not being sure of my comprehension level, he wanted to help me to understand. What a guy!

Norman’s letter said, “your check out privileges at Access Fort Wayne has been suspended since this incident. Despite that, you checked out equipment twice in the month of February, and I have reminded the staff of your suspension. In addition you have asked other AFW volunteers to check out equipment on your behalf circumventing your suspension. These are major violations “A” and “I” of AFW’s Operational Policies and cause me to take action.

Violation A: Owing funds to ACCESS FORT WAYNE due to failure to pay for equipment damage,

Violation I: Checking our equipment on behalf of a non-certified producer or for a producer on suspension.

You are banned from using any of Access Fort Wayne’s facilities or equipment until the camcorder is paid for. Your studio times have been cancelled. You do have the right to turn in programs to play on the channel but you cannot make them using our equipment.”

Violations “A and I” in my opinion contain Jim Crow logic traps and debatably tend to favor the Slave Owner or Access Manager over the Producer

I knew that sometimes when people think you have a slow temper, they may tend to view that as an expliotable weakness and try to play you. I am most definitely in no way suggesting he has racist tendencies, because he’s such a hullluva nice guy. But I feel he was being a little bit excessive in the way he’s sticking it to me. I asked Norman for 7 months and on numerous occasions for a letter of clarification on my being suspended. It took Norman from July 22, 2010 until March 11, 2011 to give me a letter detailing my suspension. I needed clarity because I smelled a Kangaroo Court on the horizon. And I wasn’t exactly sure what a verbal suspension meant. I am an innovative person. I tend not to give in to obstacles, real and/or man made. Norman and have experienced conflicts consistently on July 4th and Black History Months as infraction dates indicate. And to compound matters further, It was NEVER MADE CLEAR as to what I could do and couldn’t do concerning Fort Wayne Public Access TV equipment.

Thank God Michael Patterson appeared and asked me to write for Frost Illustrated. I immediately saw an opportunity to sharpen my interviewing and writing skills and I could momentarily ignore the Fort Wayne Public Access TV issue, but it nevertheless lingered in the back of my mind. By focusing exclusively on writing allowed me to think about the possibility of writing a book about Fort Wayne Blacks. Through Frost Illustrated, I am working diligently to develop my journalistic abilities and showcase inspiring, thought provoking issue oriented stories of Black people being progressive instead of perpetuating the statuesque enslavement mentality. And instead of only presenting Fort Wayne Black Innovativeness only on Public Access Television, I can now additionally present my works in Frost Illustrated and put their videos on Facebook and YouTube.

To help me get back on local TV so I can use their “Live Call-In Show” capability and much needed studio, a person offered to have a fund raiser to pay the money that Fort Wayne Access says I owe them because of my “negligence and abuse.” I said no, I wont do that because the idea sickened me and it feels like returning back to the plantation and asking to be forgiven for escaping. I’m not comparing Access TV Manager Norman with a Slave Master because he’s a helluva guy, it just intellectually feels that way after viewing his subjective criteria.

As I was walking through downtown Fort Wayne thinking about why I felt as though I was being played with, out of nowhere swooped Melvin Odom on his 10-speed, a friend I’ve known all my life. He didn’t know about the extremely mild depression I was going through, nevertheless, Mel said, “Here, I think you should look at this”. He loaned me his Hidden Colors DVD and suggested for me to especially check out Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. I did what he suggested.

I remembered seeing Dr. Welsing when I was in college on either Donahue or Tony Brown or both. I enjoyed her soft spoken style and laser tongue as she articulated her theory of Racism/White Supremacy. In her discussion, she mentioned a guy named Neely Fuller Jr. I researched Dr. Fuller, called him and he actually answered his phone. He and I have spoken twice and if I can get to Washington, DC, I will give a 110% effort to secure a personal interview with him. I was recently listening to the Washington, DC based Carl Nelson Show (09-24-2013) on YouTube featuring Dr. Neely Fuller. In this specific, recent discussion on Racism/White Supremacy, it seemed as though Dr. Fuller was speaking to me directly.

Dr. Fuller said, “Everybody has problems. People will talk about their problems. But when you start trying to talk about solving a problem without talking about racism, you’re not really talking about solving the problem. Now that’s what people need to be aware of. Because that’s what people have been deceived into believing, that there are other problems out here that you can solve and you can’t be bothered with racism because you’ve got to solve these other problems. 

But what they can’t see, because of the deception and because the racists have been very deceptive to perfection, they’re perfectionists when it comes to deception. They say people will not even recognize racism when they see it. And they will be chasing all around trying to solve all these different problems that they say they have, when the main problem they have is the problem of racism which stands in the way of them solving all the other problems they say they have to get to.

That’s why I have it on the back of my book. It says, no major problem can be solved in any area of activity, economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war unless you address and actually solve the problem of racism. You’re going to keep having all these problems, I don’t care what your problem is, if you are classified as non-white and you’re on this planet. If you’re anywhere on this planet, you better be thinking about solving the problem of racism or every problem that you have, you’re going to continue to have it.

In conclusion, I found Dr. Fuller’s commentary most enlightening, emancipating and therapeutic.

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at hackonomicstv@gmail.com.

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