Women With Vision ‘10’…what a time!

| October 25, 2013
Olive Carpenter and Marilyn Button provide a unique luncheon fellowship opportunity for women each year. (Courtesy photo)

Olive Carpenter and Marilyn Button provide a unique luncheon fellowship opportunity for women each year. (Courtesy photo)

By Lorretta Dansby
Special to Frost Illustrated

The recent Women with Vision’s 10th year brunch was dynamic—again.

The fellowship with the women was awesome as in the past. We were able to enjoy wonderful speakers and motivators such as Ms. Donita Washington with her gift of sharing with others and especially the youth. She explained how important it is for us to be there to encourage them to do the right and to know that somewhere in their lives, there are people who care and love them to the point that they want them to succeed.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Love One Another”—and at all costs. Again, the event was a wonderful turnout of women who enjoy getting together as a unit enjoying the love of Jesus and fellowshipping with each and lifting each other up.

Again, the vision that Ms. Olive Carpenter and Marilyn Button to create such a conference was a blessing to the women who attended. Some were first timers but said it would not be their last because of the love, caring and sharing that went on between fellowshipping.

Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Button shared a film with us about their trip to Liberia, Africa and the Zymbz Co. Cocoa plantation and how they were able to help out in the medical treatment in the camps and how difficult it is for the people there in Africa. Ms. Carpenter also got a chance to teach some of the African children.

During the brunch, we were informed of how important it is to eat right and how to eat a little differently and still be smiling. We also were told how good it is to try something different and helpful to our health. A pamphlet of recipes was given to each of the women who attended.

We enjoyed Ms. Kayla Guy as the mistress of ceremony who did a phenomenal job. Great music was delivered by Ms. Angela Pressley (who absolutely sounds like an angel) with her God given talent. The “Renaissance Praise Dancers” of Fort Wayne performed a wonderfully choreographed dance that was flawless.

The main speaker of the conference was Pastor Glenda Griffin of Changing Lives Ministries, who brought us awareness that you can’t cut God short of all that He’s able to do for each and every one of us. She emphasized that we have to make a decision to do the right thing and live up to our part in living the life that we tell people about on Sunday and hope they don’t see us on some Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and most any other day but Sunday doing things contrary to that life.

The highlight of the conference for many of us was Ms. Kimberly Hatcher, who blessed us with her testimony about how good God has been to her and how, no matter how bad the situation seems to be, it’s “whose we are” and not a lot of “who we are.”

She uplifted us in the aspect that she hasn’t given up and said as long as she has strength, she’s going to up and about trying to help and encourage someone else. Kimberly shared with how she is handling being a person who has multiple sclerosis. She enlightened us to the struggles that she’s overcome and what positive changes have come into her life as a result of it. She blessed us with her strength and optimistic look at a productive life and how she can make someone else see the good part of what seems like a bad situation.

Anthony Mastrovianni gave us tips on how to manage stress. It was very informative and it gave us women some new insights on how to manage our stresses with some ease and not really having to go to the gym to do so. He demonstrated how having less stress makes for more “joyful living.” He has done some artwork, oil paintings and donated one for the purpose of raising monies for the Women With Vision to go towards the underwriting of the conference, and said he would really like to give heads up to the guys at A-1 Car Care Center for the wonderful service they gave him.

The Women With Vision would again like to give our heartfelt thanks to Don Hall’s and their staff and management team at the Guesthouse on Washington Center Road, for the awesome, over and above service that you provided us with again this year. May you be blessed and thank you for taking part in hosting a positive function for positive people.

Ladies, get ready for fellowship on Dec. 14, be sure to check your mailboxes and your e-mails and please R.S.V.P. on time by Dec. 11.

A great big thanks to Ms. Sherry Underwood for her hard work in helping to organize and pull together all the strings to make this work! A big thank you to Staples on Illinois Road for the last minute printing of the recipe booklets for us, from Dr. Marilyn Button and organization.

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