Whose dream are we living?

| October 3, 2013

By Len Maydwell
Special to Frost Illustrated

Whose dream are we living now? Dr. King once dreamed that every man woman and child in the United States of America would have the freedom to enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally. We’re not there yet! We’re slipping further and further away from Dr. King’s dream for the highest ideals to which we can aspire and instead have begun to plunge headlong in the opposite direction.

The high road to a better America for us all, the hope in Dr. King’s dream, is being gouged out of the minds and hearts of Americans, replaced by an opposing dream bereft of hope and severely lacking in equality. In place of Dr. King’s unifying vision for us, is an emerging repugnant dream filled with nightmarish deep divisions among us.

Someone’s dream is to “take the food out of the mouths of 3.8 million Americans, including 170,000 military veterans.” Marlin Stutzman calls this the real world. He misses a fact that must be inconvenient for him, which is that people need to eat real food in the real world.

Someone’s dream is to deny our right to affordable healthcare, which is the law of the land.

Someone’s dream is to saturate our communities with weapons of mass destruction causing us to live under the constant threat of violence. Community arms races are taking place all across America with no end in sight.

Someone’s dream is to shut down the United States government.

Someone’s dream is to keep the impoverished impoverished. By refusing to lift the minimum wage and by blocking all efforts to put America back to work, the “have-nots” will continue to be “have-nots.”

I could continue with reproductive rights, marriage, climate change, on and on, but the bad dreams are just too many to list here. As dreams go, some are good, some are bad, and some are horrific. But, none are more horrific than the dreams that destroy hope, and that’s exactly what is taking place in the dream that we are living now. Whose dream are we living now and what role are we playing in it?


This article originally appeared in the Oct. 2 print edition.

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