Unite for ‘Common Purpose’

| March 27, 2013

By Darnell T. Masterson
Special to Frost Illustrated

As Jim Crow laws become more evasive and Indiana becomes number one in the world for prison growth, our community is going through a great depression—financially, “yes” but overall “mentally.”

Many of us are praying for leaders and surplus holders to come as one for a COMMON PURPOSE, and that’s to save lives. Many people are doing the job of the Creator, but most are appointed by man, not willing to reach out to others or to unify churches because of their moral and ethic system. Jesus saved the lives of those who needed help most. So, how about we step out of the institutions and step into the community as one.

Most elders believe that the younger generation needs elder guidance. “Yes,” that’s fact, but it’s hard to commute a lifestyle that the elders have created for us. Far as our mentalities and our ways of life, there’s no pointing the finger, only the mirrors we stand in front of.

To all demographics, let’s make a positive impact in our communities.

Peace and love to all.

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