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| June 22, 2013
Young writer Ezekiel Nichols

Ezekiel Nichols is a young, aspiring writer (Photo: Michael Patterson)

By Ezekiel Nichols
Special to Frost Illustrated

Editor’s note: In an effort to bring a wide variety of community voices to readers, Frost Illustrated from time to time publishes submissions from young, aspiring writers. The following is one piece written by one such writer—presented with only minimal editing, primarily for format purposes.

I went with my grandmother to some black-owned businesses. These are some of the names of the people I met. Mr. Michael Patterson. Mr. Foundation One. Mr. James Jones. Mr. Jonathan Ray. Mr. Jay Jay. Stop by and se them.

Then me and Grandma went to go see the ducks and geese but when I threw the bread in the water, the catfish ate it. There were a whole group of them. My grandma said, don’t get too close to them because they might eat you too.

My granny is the best. She has the best clothes. She has candy snacks and is nice and my mom is the best too. She fixes me food every day. My grandma is the best too because she teaches me KiSwahili. My dad is the best too.

Oh you have to hear this one. I was late for school then guess what Daddy did? He stopped at the gas station and got me a big muffin and a little drink.

Oh! My dog Sheba is the best dog alive. She is a Great Dane. She is the biggest puppy. She is black and white and she barks a lot and bites and scratches.

My cousins are the best. Bye, bye.

Special added feature:

Hi. My name is Ezekiel and I know a lot about animals.

Did you know that octopus blood is blue?

Did you know that honeybees have five eyes?

Did you know that baby sharks are called pups?

Did you know baby hippopotamus are born under water?

Did you know that crocodiles pant like a dog on a sunny day?

Did you know that one poison dart frog has enough poison to kill ten people?

Did you know that an octopus grows one arm after one gets broken?

Did you know that the littlest shark is named spined?

Did you know that the weirdest shark is the hammerhead shark?

Did you know that a snake can eat a whole deer?

In addition to visiting community businesses and spending quality time with his grandmother, eight-years-old Ezekiel Nichols wants to study KiSwahali and learn more about animals. Ezekiel is the son of Keenan and Dora Lee Nichols and grandson of Barbara Pearson and Dorothy Nichols.


This article originally appeared in the June 19 print edition.

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