The Moorish Science Temple of America

| September 9, 2013

By Grand Governor Jabbar Gaines-El

The Moorish Science Temple of America is a nation/state entity that was founded upon the most ancient of civic and religious principles known to man. The founder of The Moorish Science Temple of America is Noble Drew Ali (born Timothy Drew).

Noble Drew Ali was born on Jan. 8, 1886 in North Carolina. As a teenager Drew Ali took a trip to Egypt. Once there and in the presence of the International Guild of Holy Sages, he was immediately declared “as the one whom bears the light.” He was then immediately taken into custody to begin his initiation as the last Holy and Divine Prophet within this eara of time. It is reported that he was taken into the Great Sphinx by the Sages. Once inside, Noble Drew Ali was taken to the most dangerous and remote area from within. It was agreed amongst the Holy Sages that if he was not the chosen one that he would definitely die from within the confines of those sacred chambers. As fate would have it, the young made his exit from the right paw of the sphinx, which vindicated the identity of Allah’s last Prophet in this era of time. This qualifying factor meant a great multitude of things, one of which he was giving the “Sacred Records of Humanities Affairs” and the “Divine Judgments to come.” Noble Drew Ali was ordained and commissioned to uplift fallen humanity throughout the western hemisphere. He began his mission in 1913 in Newark, N.J. He began his teaching and divne work by instructing those descendants of “Black” slaves that in fact they were not “Negroes, Blacks nor Colored.”

Noble Drew Ali taught his people that they were Moors. He taught that “Blacks” were the direct descendants of the Ancient Canaanites and Moabites—the very founders of civilization themselves. Drew Ali taught that Moors were inflicted with European colonialism as a divine punishment for abandoning the ancient principles of their ancient forefathers. The lesson and guiding tenants of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice were neglected for generations. And as a universial necessity, Allah chastised the Moors. In Allah’s divine mercy and compassion, He allowed the path of redemption to the Moors by way of sending his manifest thought of love and mercy in the personage of Noble Drew Ali.

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Moorish Science vs. Sunni Orthodox Islam

In analyzing both communities, the qualities that differ must be established immediately. Although both faiths praise the Holy name of Allah, there are vital differences that must be made clear. Noble Drew Ali makes it perfectly clear that the MSTA accepts and honors all Divine Prophets. Noble Drew Ali said:

“We accept Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad and Jesus.”

Sunni Muslims do not.

Drew Ali makes it known that  the Science and Religion of Islam is ancient and did not begin with the Prophet Mohammad of Arabia. It was explained first that at the beginning of Mohammad’s (phuh) prophethood, the Holy name of Allah was known and worshipped by both Monotheists and Polytheists alike. Drew Ali taught that Mohammad was the founder of the uniting of Islam (the unifying of different nationalities in removing polytheism). But, the MSTA makes it emphatically clear that the Holy Qur’an of Mecca never states that Mohammad was the final Prophet of Allah,nor does it state that humanity will never receive another prophet. In fact, Drew Ali teaches that the Qur’an of Mecca teaches that Jesus will return to instruct and guide humanity before the Great Judgment of God.

If this lesson found in the Holy Qur’an of Mecca is accurate, then it is impossible for Mohammad to be the last Prophet of God for eternity. The MSTA finds this view point to be highly illogical. The Qur’an of Mecca does state that Mohammad is the “seal” of the Prophets. The MSTA explains this only means that he is a legitimate Prophet, considering that all of the other Prophets from that region in the past were Israelites. The usage of the word “seal” is only used to convey his authenticity. It would be folly of an all-wise God not to send future guidance in an ever-changing and evolving world.

The MSTA also corrects the Orthodox Sunni World when it comes to the true and pristine pillars of ancient Islam. The pillars of contemporary Sunni Islam are incorrect, according to the MSTA. The true pillars of Islam are: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice—these pillars are universally accepted for humanity. If the Sunni pillars were correct, people would not challenge the pilgrimage to Mecca or fasting during Ramadan. Although these disciplines are noble in and of themselves, they are not the original pillars and foundation of ancient Islam. So, it is imperative that the neophyte understands that the Prophet Drew Ali is returning Islam to its purest discipline back into the possession of the Moors.

Birthright and Nationality

Noble Drew Ali taught that the true identify of Moors (aka African Americans) was systematically sequestered for successive generations. This was done with the aims and intentions of stealing the land from the Moors. It is within this dialectical relationship that “African Americans” must publically declare themselves to be what they actually are according to law and history: Moorish Americans. The MSTA teaches its members that the names of Black, Negro, Colored and Latino are names that derive from slavery. Anyone who allows themselves to be classified as such ina court of law can never be afforded due process, nor receive true Justice. Prophet Drew Ali explained that the U.S. Constitution declared “all” men to have been created equal, so we are men created by God (and Women) that the 14th and 15th amendments are not necessary for the redemption of his people.

The MSTA faithfully teaches that all Moors born upon these shores must reclaim all of their hereditaments. One of the major items that Moors must reclaim are their Holy titles of nobility, those being, El, Bey, Ali, Al and Dey. By annexing these Noble titles to their surnames, they have reactivated their “Dejure” status as the trustees of American soil and all of its natural resources.


This article originally appeared in two parts in the Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 print editions.

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