Stop the self hate to stop the hate in community

| April 11, 2013

By Mike Moses
Special to Frost Illustrated

Do you want to start having an immediate impact on the sad conditions of your neighborhood, your community, your work, school and home? Start today by having something positive to utter from your lips (or type from your finger tips). Expand your vocabulary. Use positive terms and expressions to build up, to encourage to enlighten others and be sincere about it.

Find a way to smile as you converse with others.

Abandon the practice of using vulgar, hateful words and terms in your speech. Really, what does “dawg” mean other than a dog when you greet your fellow man? Even abbreviated letters mean what they represent, so “WTF” means just that.

When, we talk about violence in our community, how long can we expect the use of one of the vilest words not to have a negative impact on people’s minds? No matter what way you want to spell the “N” word, its root meaning will always mean a stupid fool or a person with little or no value, or from slave days through the civil rights movement, a second class citizen. If then, this is the meaning of the root word, why are we surprised when those of us in our community that so free apply it to one another would act on it and delete or kill a person of little value or a second rate citizen? I fear that until we as a people have the common sense to remove this negative word from our vernacular we will always experience a higher percentage of such crime and violence in our own community

Ladies, are you really shocked when another person treats you badly when you so boldly refer to yourself as a female dog by the “B” word and you refer to your close friends as a ho, hoe or whore? Stop believing the myth that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Remember, you are what you eat both physically—and spiritually. I’m not saying find religion (which is not a bad idea), I’m encouraging you to pick up a book to educate and liberate the mind from the gratuitous trash that abounds overwhelmingly in all aspects of entertainment (maybe not all, but it’s difficult to find uplifting entertainment electronically).

Again, most folks tend to be who they are by what they surround themselves with. We can’t change a community until we first work on ourselves.

Mike Moses is regionally and nationally known comedian living in Fort Wayne. He periodically writes serious commentary about the state of the community and nation.

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