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| November 1, 2013

mikki white album coverUP CLOSE WITH JEANIE

Whatz up, babies?

I hope, all is well with you and yours and hugs out to everyone who needs one. This week, as we get to know one another better, on our journey of love, it pleases me to bring to you some more love, joy, beauty, happiness and some form of peace of mind. So, I’m here tonight at Tycoons Cabaret and Grill to check out the entertainer Mikki White with some friends. I’m loving the way she works the crowd as she walks around and gets them involved and excited. And, when she asked for some volunteers to come on stage with her, to be her background dancers, I didn’t waste any time and I grabbed Dorthea Bragg’s hand and took her along with me for the ride.We had a blast. Then when Mikki broke out singing, “I guess you better call on Tyrone” by Erica Badu, the crowd went crazy and it was so much fun watching the excitement. So here and now, all we want you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Or, stand, jump and shout if you want to, you can do that because were gonna take you there and this is what she has to say:

“Hello Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Shadwaynn Curry and I’m also known as Mikki White and when I perform, I always use the name Mikki White. I’m so happy to be spotlighted because I want all of you to know some more about me and my entertainment background because I’m back and loving it and I would love it if you‘d check me out.

“I’ve been in the entertainment industry, as a vocalist, for years and with my band, we’re just basically called The Mikki White Xperience. We just recently got back together again because I stopped and now, it’s on. I know it’s going to take a little time to get my crowd back and get the people back that loves and knows me but when I do, I know they’ll come out faithfully. This is my second time performing since the band got back together and both appearances has been here at Tycoon’s but later, I’ll let you know where I’ll be performing in the very near future.

“As far as, my entertainment career, I’ve been performing all of my life and I enjoy it. My vocal gift has blessed me to sing locally, regionally and nationally throughout the United States. I started singing when I was nine years old and the first solo I ever sang was, ‘My Country Tis of Thee’  at Whitney Young Elementary School. Also, I sang with my parents and siblings, we were called, All GOD’s Children—The White Family and we would sing in various churches for various programs. We recorded four gospel albums even before I was 15 years of age and we actually recorded the albums in Atlanta, Ga., and various other places and that was a lot of fun. I am blessed to have the parents that I have because at a young age I was exposed to music but not only that, I was a part of something wonderful and beautiful, them. So when asked, ‘Who gave me this wonderful voice?’ I say, ‘My mother and my father.’ 

“Music has taken me to higher heights such as when I sang with Prince. I actually toured and sang background for Prince, as well as opened up some of his shows and was a part of his Rainbow Children Tour. I had so much fun and I really enjoyed myself, it was a blessing. We went to places like Denver, Colo., Delaware, Atlanta, Georgia and a lot of other states. I’ve sung in embassies, concert halls and locally at The Embassy Theatre, Piere’s and of course all of the various churches. And, to all of you that want to know more about my journey with Prince, I wrote a book about it and it’s called, ‘Purple Rained On Me.’ you can look for it online at, Barnes and Noble and I also have books available myself. So if you’re local and would like a copy, contact me on my Facebook page at Mikki White and I’ll just give you one, if I don‘t run out. 

“My singing career is beautiful but I also have a lot of other beautiful things going on in my life right now and I’m just going to let history and the future form itself, as it relates to me and that’s where I’ll be. Because, I do have a profession and I’m working on trying to get that back off the ground and so I’m doing a combination of both. But I can tell you this, if I get busy and it sets up where my schedule is busier than I can adapt, I still plan on being a little bit more visible and vocal in the community. Because when I’m on stage, I feel great! Even though sometimes I get a little nervous, if there are songs that I haven’t really sung before, because I’m afraid I might forget the lyrics and that’s not good. That’s why I like to practice and be aware of the songs so I can feel the lyrics. However, there have been times that I didn’t have time to practice and so I’ve made up an entire verse and chorus and I just kept going with it and people were none the wiser because they enjoyed it anyway. 

“Songs are very natural for me to sing because I love music. I sing R&B, soul, pop and inspirational songs because I’ve been gospel all of my life, so I’m always singing in the church. Music is something that I feel and enjoy and I know it’s a GOD given talent and I want to continue to do it.

“Currently, I have two CDs out. There’s ‘Street Theory Records’—that’s basically the experience of, come and take a ride with me. The second one being, ‘The Mikki White Xperience,’ which is my sophomore album and I’m very happy with it. I wrote, arranged all of the songs and did all the vocals on both albums. Must of my writing comes from situations of how I feel and what I’m experiencing in my life. There’s one particular song on my second CD that I really like a lot and it’s called, ‘Lonely Road.’ When I wrote it, I was going through a time in my life that I felt really alone and no matter how many friends and associates you have sometimes in life, you’re walking alone. But, you have to go a certain mile or journey by yourself and sometimes that can be a very lonely journey. This song is what I was feeling at that time and I think it’s a very groovy song and I’m looking forward to performing it live at one of my shows eventually. 

“My current performing line up consist of, a new club called All that Jazz. They’re trying to book me for Nov. 22, 2013 and it located at the old Coventry Bar and Grill out West. So, make sure that you go to my Facebook page and ask to be my friend, so you’ll know where I’m performing and if this actually happens, join me because I’d love to sing some jazz for you. Next, possibly Tycoons Cabaret and Grill on Nov. 30. Then on Dec. 15, I’m the headliner for a Holiday Gala that’s taking place at The Botanical Gardens downtown and I’ll be singing Christmas songs, as well as, others. Because I love all kinds of music, even country. A real artist can appreciate every style of music since you can learn from it, so I learn all types of music.

“Now to my fans, possible fans and friends that have followed my career for a long time, thanks for your support and I’d like for you to continue to support me because you know that I’ll be singing for all of you from the bottom of my heart.”

On that note, I’m taking it to some of the people who are here at Tycoon’s experiencing the Mikki White Xperience, so they can share what they thought of this experience and this is what they have to say.

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Phyllis Bragg and I’m here checking out Mikki White tonight for the first time and she’s jamming! I love that she kicked it off with my favorite songs by Mary J. Blige and she’s working it and her band and background singers are awesome. She’s very energetic and I’m enjoying it and will definitely check her out again.” 

“Hello, Frost readers. My name is Nikki Milton and I thought Mikki’s performance was excellent! She has her own style and originality. She’s very entertaining and I think it’s great the way she gets the crowd going and participating with her, she’s very engaging and that really makes me want to come back.” 

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Tonya Rogers and I’m enjoying watching the Mikki White Xperience and she’s awesome! So come out the next time she performs because if you don’t, you’re missing it.”

Now, it pleases me to bring to you, Latrece Goree of The Latrece Moment and this is what she says:

“Hello again, Frost Illustrated readers. I’m here supporting my friend Mikki and she’s doing a wonderful job. I love what she’s doing because she’s bringing full energy to the house and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I’m so glad that she’s getting involved and doing what she enjoys doing and what she’s blessed to do and I love her for that. I’m so glad to have a chance to come out and support her, as well as, other artists out there that are doing their thing. There’s nothing like having support from other people out here, that’s doing the same thing that I do with my band and enjoying it. So again I want to say, Mikki White, you keep it up girl, love you.” 

Now in closing, I say, you go Girl! Mikki, I had so much fun watching you perform and I’m so proud of you. I know that on your journey, as being yourself, it’s been hard for you sometimes but no matter what, you hung in there and stayed strong no matter how high your mountains got or how low your valleys were, GOD gave you the strength to endure and you are definitely loved. So until next week, you’ve been up close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

P.S. If you would like The Spotlight shined upon you or someone who you know, all in the name of love, just send me an e-mail to I’d love to hear from ya.

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