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| August 20, 2013
Melonee Haney-Guy, a former inmate, recovering addict, cancer and stroke survivor, is owner of Sparkling Touch cleaning service (Photo: Jeane Summerville)

Melonee Haney-Guy, a former inmate, recovering addict, cancer and stroke survivor, is owner of Sparkling Touch cleaning service (Photo: Jeane Summerville)

UP CLOSE WITH JEANIE by Jeanie Summerville

Whatz up, babies?

I hope, that all is well with you and yours. And, I also hope that you’re finding the time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us everyday in many forms. As for me, of course I am! Now, on that note as we travel through our journey of love to get to know one another better, we bring to you a prime example of how one can turn one’s life around for the better if they put GOD first. So at this time, meet this week’s spotlight, she wants to share some of her story because maybe she can help others find their way:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers. My name is Melonee Haney-Guy and I’ve had my own cleaning service called Sparkling Touch for four years, I’ve been cancer free for 22 years and they gave me only six months to live when I was first diagnosed. I’m a 13-year recovering addict and I was incarcerated three times and had a stroke, while in prison, but you can‘t tell by looking at me now. There was once a time in my life that I had to take 20 pills a day and now I only have to take four. I’m grateful today because I live for GOD. And HE uses me in a mighty ways to help others and to reach out to other addicts and alcoholics, that’s is my passion. 

“I started using cocaine about 25 years ago and now I’m 57. The reason I became a drug addict is because when I was first diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that came to my mind was, I’m going to die. So in order to hurry up and rush this death I turned to crack cocaine because they’d say, crack is a dead man’s drug, it will take your life away and that’s exactly what I wanted to happen because I was so tired of hurting and I didn’t want to put my children through the addiction. And, I didn’t want to put them through the pain of me having to go through all of the radiation and chemotherapy. I had four surgeries and I was just tired and ready to give up but by the grace of GOD and my children talking to me, I saw the light but in a different way, while I was incarcerated. 

“What led to my incarceration is, while I was using drugs, I was also dealing drugs and got involved with the wrong people. I got caught up with some people that I should not have had and got busted for dealing drugs. The first time, I did six months. Then I got back out there and got caught up in the same thing, got busted again and probably did another year. But the third time was like the eye opener for me because it was when I hit the bottom and they were going to give me 45 years! And I was like, ‘Lord I can’t do 45 years.’ Prison is not for me and I know it’s not a place where I should have been anyway. Because, each time I got caught up with somebody else and what can you say when you’re down there, you know? So all the time that I was in jail I just prayed and prayed and sometimes I’d pray with other inmates but mostly I stayed to myself in my cell and prayed. 

“But, Satan still attacked me, even in jail, when he revealed to me a vision of my children when they were little kids because he was trying to get in my mind and drive me crazy. He almost did because at the ending of the vision it was like, I’d never see my children again and that really messed up my mind. Since they had already told me that I’m getting 45 years so I said, ‘I’ll commit suicide before I do that!’ I wasn’t going to do the time and I knew that I would never see my children again because I didn’t want them to come and see me in prison and I didn’t want to think of living that way. So I said, ‘Lord if you save me this time all that stuff I did for Satan, I’ll do it twice as hard for you.’ 

“I wasn’t supposed to go to court until that following week but a miracle happened, the night I had that vision. That next morning, they came and told me to get dressed because I had to go to court and I told them they were wrong and they said, that I was on the schedule to go today. I was so upset because I had no means of reaching my children to tell them that I had to go to court and if I go to court they won’t know that I’m getting sentenced to all of this time and they’re getting ready to ship me off. So, I started losing it and started praying some more and when we got to the court door I said, ‘Lord you go in first and just dampen their hearts.’ When I walked through the doors, I saw that the people from the Rose Home were there. The Rose House is a halfway house for women and they we’re there for me, if I was getting out. So, after everything was said and done with my trial, the judge said, ‘is there anybody here that can stand up for her?’ Someone from the Rose House stood up and said, they would accept me and that’s where I went after the judge gave me five years probation and a year and a half on house arrest. I love them so much and thank GOD for the Rose House. But, even though I was there, I still went through changes by living with a bunch of women because we were all on different vibes and I had had a stroke. But, no matter what I was going through, I was still in my word with GOD though and I let HIM know that I’m not humbling myself down to no human, where I have to just bend over backwards, I’m not going to do it! 

“But in the long run, it was a blessing because GOD saved me that way and I’m so grateful that I got caught up because I met some wonderful people that really looked after me including Ms. Scott. We attend the same church and I owe my life to her today, really and I tell her everyday that I love her very much. I also tell my children that I love them everyday too because they wouldn’t let me give up. Even though, I prayed so many days and nights saying, ‘Lord I’m so tired’ but I couldn’t quit the drugs. I got so tired of doing the same routine everyday and every night over and over and I knew that wasn’t my life. And, I knew that with me having cancer and doing drugs, since it didn’t kill me, I wasn’t doing anything but making it spread worse and I had quit going to the doctor, I was just tired. 

“Through it all my children forgave me just as GOD did. But, when it came to my children, my pain and addiction hurt them so bad and I didn’t know what to do. And, one of my daughters went through the whole works with me because I had to live with her and everything. She was right there 100 percent and she was a young girl. So that meant, she didn’t have a social life anymore since she was seeing about me while working two jobs. That’s one of the reasons I just wanted to give up. I didn’t want her or my other children to put their life on hold for my sickness and addiction. I know that my children prayed me back in this world and I’m just so grateful for all of that and all of their love. 

“Now, I’m going to share with you about my husband Norman. He was also in the drug world with me and was incarcerated and in the process of him being there, his dad passed away and that took a lot out of him. But, in our letter writing, I always talked about GOD to him and while he was there, GOD presented HIMSELF to him. After that, I waited and waited for him to get out of prison, then we got married. He’s my husband of eight years now even though we knew one another for over 20. I’m so grateful for him and he plays a great part in my life because he works for the Lord just as well and he’s also self-employed. GOD has just been blessing us and my children and it’s just business and love all around us And, when it comes to my cleaning service, I always say that when I clean homes or businesses, I clean as if, I’m cleaning for the Lord and if I do anything that you think is not good enough, let me know and I’ll redo it because there’s no job to little or to big for me. I’ve been in business for four years and it’s something in life that I never thought I’d want to do because I had people cleaning for me when I was in the drug world and here I am doing it and I love it! 

“So, whatever you do if you put GOD first, nothing will go wrong but you’ll still have some trials and tribulations. I pray each day to go through a trial because they make me stronger and I pray that everybody that reads this, will keep your eyes focused on the prize and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. You see how He blessed me and He’ll do the same for you. And, if you’re an addict or alcoholic and want to talk, call me (260) 918-8413 because I reach out to whoever, wherever I am needed so I can minister the Lord’s love.”

Now in closing I say, thank you Melonee for sharing your journey with us today and I’m so happy that you were not successful in your suicide attempts. Otherwise, I would not have had the pleasure of meeting you and enjoying your company or bringing you to the people on our journey of love. I’m so proud of you for loving GOD and Jesus the way you do because THEY are worthy. So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie. Bye, bye babies.

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This article originally appeared in the Aug. 14 print edition.

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