Spotlight on GOD’s Bluesy Bear Campaign to help soothe the blues of HIS people

| September 1, 2013
This Bluesy Bear holds words of inspiration to help send your blues away. (Photo: Jeane Summerville)

This Bluesy Bear holds words of inspiration to help send your blues away. (Photo: Jeane Summerville)

UP CLOSE WITH JEANIE by Jeanie Summerville

Part 2 of 2
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What’s up, babies?

I hope, that all is well with you and yours, as we continue on our journey of love to get to know one another better.  And, on this journey, I can’t say enough about how much fun I have while shining the spotlight on all of you and what you do and how exciting each of you are to me, in your own way.  I think that’s beautiful and I hope you do too.  Now, before I bring to you part two of this spotlight, I need to recap several things from last week which were, I’m the overseer of Soothin’ the Blues (with love) and my duty is to soothe GOD’s blues with love by soothing yours.  And, after all was said and done from part one it ended with me saying, Our song, “And I love Her by The Beatles,” didn’t have the same effect on me anymore and what happened next is, part two begins now:

GOD said, “baby I know that nothing can substitute my love but I understand that sometimes it’s hard for you because you want to feel physical comfort, so this is what I need you to do.  Pick up that small, blue bear that I had your friend bring to you years ago and hold him near to your heart and close your eyes.”  So, I looked at this small blue bear that had been sitting on my bed for years and to me, it wasn’t any difference from any other stuffed bear that I’ve seen.  But just the same, I followed HIS directions because I knew something beautiful and wonderful was getting ready to happen and whatever it was I was going to be ready for it.  Then very poetically HE said, “he’s a tool of mine that I’ve anointed for you so, when you’re down and feeling blue you need MY comforting to see you through.  So just close your eyes and hold him tight and feel MY love through your Bluesy Bear tonight.  When you awaken you will see a brighter day ahead of thee and all throughout the day keep him close to your heart.  Let your hugs be your guide as you make your new start.  Take comfort in knowing that MY love will see you through and you will feel better than ME and Jesus will too.  But when this happens, don’t toss him away because OUR LOVE for you is always here to stay.  I love you, baby. Open your eyes now and We’ll talk later.”

I opened my eyes and just sat there in a daze while feeling GOD’s love through my Bluesy Bear.  Then I smiled because I thought, how lovely and how romantic for HIM to bring me such joy, so I simply enjoyed the beauty.  Then I took this beauty even further and played Our song, “And I love Her” by The Beatles again, for this was something worth celebrating.  Since that moment, I got busy and I’ve been pleasing HIM everyday, in one form or another, all throughout the day with my bluesy bear by my side.  And I’ve brought hundreds and hundreds of HIS people happiness in HIS name and all was good.

After that, my mom had to have major surgery and some of her children and grandchildren were afraid she wouldn’t make it, so I asked GOD, if I could loan her my Bluesy Bear because since he works for me, maybe YOU’LL let him work for her too.  So that she can feel YOUR love and instead of her being scared she’ll be comforted and HE agreed.  So then, it was on and I took him to the hospital with me and shared with her it’s purpose, put him on her chest, she held him close and prayed and the beauty begin.  The next day her room was filled with gifts, balloons and flowers from her children and grandchildren and her surgery was a success.  I left him there with her until she was able to go home and after that, I asked for permission to take him wherever he was needed, to help soothe the blues of HIS people and I was granted that permission.  Also, when I was called because someone was sick you’d find us there and I’d leave him with them until they got better, then he’d come back home with me.  I’d also take him to the people that were dying and he made their departure much smoother because they could feel GOD’s love for them and wasn’t afraid anymore and all went peacefully.

Then several months ago, I was advised by GOD that the time had come for HIS people to have their very own Bluesy Bear because I can’t take mines to everybody.  And that, HE told me that he will come with a scroll that deals with their situations and will be adorned with a single blue ribbon for closure.  I said, cool!  HE told me how to do everything HE needed me to do and I got busy.  The first  person who received her very own Bluesy Bear was Veronica Townes because she works so hard as a Cosmetology Instructor and she’s the owner of Optimistic’s, Mistic’s, Remix new and gently used clothing store and works with Marshall White on Voices of Unity.  She was chosen because GOD wanted her to know, feel and understand that she is greatly appreciated, loved, wanted and needed and HE doesn’t ever want her to forget that, as she feels HIS beauty.

On that note, we bring her to you so she can share the beauty within her Bluesy Bear and this is what she has to say:

“Hello, Frost Illustrated readers.   I love my Bluesy Bear. He’s wonderful and every time I look at him it makes me remember love.  It made me remember, that people can love you even though they’re not family or friends that you grew up with.  They can be business people that you have a business relationships with and they can have a genuine love for you and it’s real.  And, Jeanie, it made me feel good and special knowing that you could have selected anybody to present that first Bluesy Bear to but you didn’t and to have that surprise show up and be presented to me on the job, that was just unbelievable, amazing and I was just overjoyed because I wasn’t expecting it.  And, every time I look at it, it just reminds me of love because Jeanie that’s how you are and that’s what you bring to the table.  

“You’re spreading beauty throughout the community and every time I look at it, I see you Jeanie and I see the Bluesy Bear that you’re trying to help capture people emotions, sadness and tears and let them be absorbed into the fabric of the Bluesy Bear and at the same time, we know it’s just a symbolic thing but it’s the thought behind it because it’s a very unselfish love for other people.  And, for you to care about their different sorrows and situations, even if it’s suicide, the lost of a loved one or whatever that serious sadness that people have encounter, you had a vision and it’s a vision for everybody.  Whether they’re   young, old, female, male and all nationalities and I love it because it’s strictly love and that’s what’s real.  Just thinking about it’s title, the Bluesy Bear, I know that people sing the blues but sometimes we feel it or think it but we didn’t put it in a song or write it but just the same we feel and experience it.  And, for you to create the Bluesy Bear, that shows how serious and committed you are, to love other people and to show your concern for us.  That’s why I purchased the Bluesy Bears from you that I did because now I want to do the same thing that you did for me, when you presented me with mine.  I want to present the Bluesy Bear to a lot of other people as well so they have their blues soothed with love.

“Jeanie, continue doing what you’re doing in the community and we’ve always adored Frost but you bring something else to the table and I want to commend and thank you for doing that.  Also, I would like to challenge the people in the community and business owners, Churches and just everybody as individuals to step up—especially Beauty Salons and Barber Shops because we get to talk to people personally and so we know their issues and the things that they’re going through.  We get to experience their blues and that’s another reason I purchased the Bluesy Bears that I did and it’s scrolls read the lyrics to, ‘Inner City Blues,’ by Marvin Gaye.  Because there’re so many different things going on right now that we need to be aware of and praying about.  So, I’m challenging people to step up and purchase a Bluesy Bear but not for yourself, unless you want to, but for somebody that you love or adore—or, somebody that you may have a little concern about.  Maybe a little kid, that has lost someone and you just want to bless them with a bluesy bear and I think that’s what we need to do in the community.  We need to start showing love and we can start by purchasing a Bluesy Bear.”

Now in closing I’d like to say, wow as I feel the beauty within from your beauty and thank you Veronica, We love you.  Also, to my Heavenly FATHER, thank YOU for sending me so many wonderful people to help with YOUR Campaign, Amen.  Through GOD’s Bluesy Bear Campaign, HIS children that has been abused and or traumatized will receive theirs through private donations.  Also, we have Bluesy Bears available with scrolls for almost every bluesy situation such as, the loss of a parent, child or loved one, someone is sick, shut-in or dying, suicide contemplators, your lonely or depressed, you work so hard and feel unappreciated, somebody did you wrong and etc.  For more information you can reach me via e-mail or Soothin’ the Blues© (with love) P.O. Box 10911 Fort Wayne, In. 46854.  So until next week, you’ve been Up Close with Jeanie.  Bye, bye babies.

P.S.  If you would like the Spotlight shined upon you or someone that you know, all in the name of love, just send me an e-mail to  I’d love to hear from ya.


This article originally appeared in the Aug. 28 print edition.

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