Poem in memory of Madiba…

| December 20, 2013
Omowale Ketu Oladuwa (courtesy photo)

Omowale Ketu Oladuwa

By Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa
Special to Frost Illustrated

Stone’s cry out

Qunu Qunu /the troublemaking child returns to your earth
Stone’s cry out and the people celebrate his dance of life
Years of undergrowth bloomed now full come to ground
This man was borne from youth to elder tutelage

Madiba walked the land and was fed
His rich-earth manifest
A gestated million years
Yield a humus teeming harvest

A community hungered
Bloodstream soil-slaked
Countless bodies pushed out and up
From mothers birthing promise

His brite eyes dance but cannot cry
Hands that grasp the hammer
Clasp the heart
Beat a prayer /thump-thum redemption

Doowap in the water-washed valley
Filter of ancient stone fallen to earth
A celestial mix of many

Gold and slag washed ashore
In tiny flecklets and massive nuggets
The land calls this rumbling
Rolihlahla—The Troublemaker

This transkei herd boy of noble birth
Born to geography and torn relations
Bound to root out the politic of white men’s greed
Their language of superiority and Afrikan domestication

This land of split family
Deep mines and machinegunned children
This Soweto soil of Pretoria dictum and Sharpeville accent
A people’s labor stolen to feed white-blind privilege

This land produced a son troubled by the soil’s bleeding
A prince of sun come servant of his people
A son of transformation
And re-membering
We’ve walked this troubling man toward clear path
Followed this imprisoned one to compassion
Straightened the walk thru Robben Island limestone
Our bruised heel grinding under the weapons of oppression

We step now with bull elephant weight
And the mindset of charging Rhino
Sweep of Vulture grace
Eyesight of Eagle

In this place of much sorrow
Feet still dance kicking up the dust of new beginning
And continuing days of struggle
The crying stone falling rain /nascent joy percolates

In this place of mixed mangled colours
There is intention among the Sleeper Worm
Dream in the pit of want
Among wounded men there be the open heart

Here is the long sweep of revolution
Many battles fought
Loss and victory /lives lost and gain
And yes /eyes that witnessed murder and forgiveness

Here there is Mandela
Spear of the nation
Madiba /son of soil and sacrifice
Brite sun of luv gestation

Product of a people’s striving
Godforce manifest in flesh
Be still hear

© 2013 Omowale-Ketu Oladuwa. All rights reserved.

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