Mixed religious gathering a no-no

| May 20, 2013

FINDING THE PROMISED LAND by the Rev. Arsben D. Jennings

Uncut Special Presentation—From time to time, Frost Illustrated exercises its commitment to present voices straight from the community. Oftentimes, those voices insist on getting across a totally uncensored message to preserve their cadence and context. In an effort to honor such voices, we offer the following Uncut Special Presentation unedited and written exactly as the presenter intended.(Note: Uncut Special Presentations still must adhere to rules regarding slander and libel.)


Mayor Tom Henry:

The reason why I didn’t as a Christian come to your prayer meeting is because you invited people to come and pray who don’t believe in God period.  Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, Sikhism, Unitarians, and Universalists do not believe in the God of the Holy Bible and neither do they believe in the existence of Jesus Christ.  If you or I got on a plane today and fly to any Muslim country and openly declare that we are Christians we will be murdered or thrown in jail alone with not being invited to openly pray in an open prayer service.  Christians are around the world are being persecuted for their beliefs especially in Muslim countries were they are being murdered and killed especially on the continent of Africa.

White people in this country strongly teach that this is a Christian nation built and based upon biblical and scriptural principles and teachings.  They even have it in textbooks and many, many other books that students across this country read every day.  According to the latest statistics the majority of Americans are Christians and attend Christian churches throughout American.  If you proclaim that you are a Christian you need to draw a line between you and other religions who do not accept nor believe in your God just like the line that has been drawn concerning same sex marriage.

Christians have drawn the line as far as abortion is concern and same sex marriage is concern and homosexuality is concern.  It is unbiblical and is a sin and abomination in the sight of God and so is praying with someone who is not in agreement with you biblically, theologically, spiritually, and who is an enemy and adversary of yours instead of a true genuine brother or sister.

Yes we are an democracy that embraces all people but that does not mean embracing the idealisms of people who are in direct conflict with the mores, standards, values, judgements, and beliefs of your culture.  They will not accept you into their culture unless you agree to accept and believe the ways of their culture.  Jesus didn’t reject no one but there were a whole lot of people who rejected him.  Several months ago I went to the Jewish synagogue for service and I asked the Rabbi what I would have to do to become a Jew and he said I would first have to denounce Christianity.  And that’s right here in America.  Mayor what you should of done was invite Christian pastors to come and do the praying and left it up to these other religions to come if they wanted to with the acknowledgement that their presence there would be enough in recognition of their prayers.  Or they could join in or participate by praying in their seats but not before the audience.  Mayor Henry you failed to draw the line therefore the prayers that were offered were a failure and not a blessing to this community because this community as a whole is a Christian community and it should be recognized as that and anything that is conducted in this community should be conducted on that premise.  God Bless.


This article originally appeared in our May 15, 2013 issue.

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