Mind Over Matter offers to assist growing ministries

| August 1, 2013

By Pastor David Robinson
Special to Frost Illustrated

Dear friends:

Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. is expanding its service to the community. As a non-profit organization, we strive to reach out to the community to encourage others to find their true purpose in life. We believe that every young person has the potential to be successful. We share with them the hope that we see for their future through biblical teaching, mentoring and listening to their hopes and dreams. We try also to connect them with opportunities within the community to explore those interests.

We are now adding a new opportunity to help encourage beginning ministries within the community. When God has given you a vision and you are struggling to get your ministry going, it can be helpful to have someone come alongside you and provide some support services to help grow your ministry to maturity and independence. Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. would like to offer our support to newly established ministries desiring to grow and develop within our community.

If you have a ministry and are interested in communing under the covering of Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. to grow and develop your ministry, we would like to hear from you. Below are some guidelines to be considered as your decide:

1. Please understand that you are the driving force behind what ministry (service) God has called YOU to do. Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. will aid you in starting said ministry but will not implement, run nor be liable or responsible for it.

2. It is suggested that you attend an evangelist class that we offer, as it will provide a foundation based on the truth in scripture concerning Jesus Christ. “Go ye therefore and teach all nation” His plan of salvation and his commands concerning the preaching of His ministry, sharing His love and instructions for daily living.

3. Your background history must be reviewed due to the fact that there will be children involved with some of these ministries.

4. We have times and space available due to discussion to help with the establishing of interested ministries.

5. You do not have to be a member of Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. to be involved in a ministry that comes under the covering.

6. There are no fees for our services to ministry, hover, financial pledges will be discussed (based on affordability) with CEO and Pastor David Robinson, Director Pastor Glenn Bryant and Chairman Leroy Jackson.

7. The Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. name and log cannot be used at any time for any purpose without consent from Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc. board of directors.

It is our desire to continue to reach out and minister to the needs of our community. We believe that God has given us a vision to partner with other organizations with the same vision. Together, we can accomplish much more than any of us can accomplish alone. To God be the honor and the glory as we seek to do His will.

For more information, contact Pastor Glenn Bryant at (260) 415-9480.

Pastor David Robinson is founder and CEO of Mind Over Matter Ministries Inc.


This article originally appeared in the July 31 print edition.

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