Manners is the name of the game

| October 25, 2013

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The Platform is a column that lifts or moves you from the floor to the balcony—giving you a broader view of things that may be too close to clearly see. It will increase your knowledge in some areas and enlighten you in others. The Platform will place you in a position to see things from a different perspective; making things more visible in your daily routine of enjoying life and indulging in beauty; the true beauty that lies within each one of us, wisdom, knowledge and purpose. Engage as I awaken the topic of Manners…

When you enter a room it’s polite to speak, when you exit the room it’s rude to sneak.

Why do some people find it okay to walk into a room with people present and never acknowledge anyone or say hello? Think about it. If you find yourself doing that, please stop as of now. No more silent entrances for you and teach your children the same—manners is the name of the game.

How about talking with your mouth full, flossing at the table or not covering your mouth when you cough? We may be guilty of one thing, hopefully not all. There is always room for improvement for all of us.

Speaking of manners, remember while at the dinner table, your water glass sits to your right, even if you are left handed. Also note that your silverware should be used from the outside in, keeping in mind that your salad may come before or after the main course.

One to go on:

Hair will shed more this season, so get to the salon and ask for a protein treatment and moisturizing conditioner. They are not the same thing.

Straight from The Platform!

—Ms. V

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