Looking for answers to the violence where do we turn, who’s to blame?

| March 27, 2013
From the March 27 print edition

From the March 27 print edition

By Mike Moses
Special to Frost Illustrated

It’s sad that people are being blinded by the hypocrisy of politicians who have become bedfellows of strange religious groups. How many of these religious leaders are going house to house in an effort to reach the hearts of those impacted by the violence?

I don’t know what god they are inquiring of, but he is so displeased with these hypocrites that he is either not answering their prayers or he has died. The neighborhood needs more than prayers from fornicators, thieves or adulterous men and women of the clergy class. Get out of the pulpit and practice what you say you are preaching. Clergy are preaching about “God is love,” but won’t come out and show love and compassion for those that are affected by the violence that is occurring in the very neighborhood in which their church stands. I have a problem with that. Oh, but they are right there with their hands out to take the poor woman’s money to officiate the burial services for the murdered young men. Understand that I’m calling out a class—I’m not saying all, but we can all do more.

Parents, don’t think I’m not calling us out as well. How the hell is it that your child is in a gang and you not know it? How the hell does he have a firearm under your roof and you didn’t know it? Too many of us are coddling our children instead of teaching them the way that they should to go. Too many of us are focused on material possessions, or going out partying that we are either blinded by what’s going on in our households or simply don’t care. Parents, how many of us know our kids’ friends? How many of us show up for parent teacher conferences?

Some of our possessions include fancy smart phones, we got the newest Js on our feet, latest gaming systems, etc., but we won’t spend the money to send these young kids to music classes or other worthwhile activities.

Many of us want to be on our kids’ level. Some of us will even allow them to express themselves any way that they want, both verbally and in their dress and grooming. So, yes, a lot of parents are held accountable to this spilled blood as much as the one who pulled the trigger.
Everybody wants to blame someone, but my mother taught me that when you point a finger, there are three fingers on your hand pointing right back at you. Am I pissing you off yet? If so, good!

Now to piss off some other folks. Thank you, unscrupulous homebuilders and sellers, for adding to the rapid decay of our society. The American dream was to own a home but somewhere, someone came up with the term “starter home.” This is now our nightmare. Because of this thought, our community never matures—the flavor of neighborhoods is rarely seasoned.
There was a time when folks actually bought homes and stayed in them until death, and then a child would stay there afterwards. This is rarely the case now. I grew up in a neighborhood where my neighbors knew my mother. I went to a school that my parents and grandparents also attended. This doesn’t happen anymore either.

I remember the mean neighbor who took such pride in his/her lawn that you dare not step on the grass. We didn’t need a sex offender registry, as everyone knew where the sickos lived. Our over-capitalism has caught up with us. No longer can we go to a neighborhood grocer—thank you Kroger, Meijer and Walmart.

It used to be that jobs were available where you lived so that you would not have long commutes. Thank you big business, politicians and unions.

Our issues are made worse by the inactivity of family and clergy and the greed of others.

I could go on, but I think you get my point.

Nope, I’m not making any friends today.

Mike Moses is regionally and nationally known comedian living in Fort Wayne. Himself a father, he wrote this as a commentary on the recent wave of killings in the community, particularly among young people.

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