‘Keep that sh** in the ‘hood—we ain’t havin’ it!’

| March 26, 2013

Cato-quoteBy Tyrone Cato
Special to Frost Illustrated

I’ll at least say my intent isn’t to make a commentary—just an observation.

There have been hit-and-runs in broad daylight resulting in death that have yet gone unsolved, due in part to conflicting “eyewitness” statements. There have been numerous homicides that have gone unsolved due to fear of retribution, folk not wanting to get involved or not wanting to “snitch.” A lot have occurred within fairly close proximity in an area dubbed a “hotbed of violence.”

Less than a mile away in the midst of a demographically different area, a broad daylight shooting occurred (which ultimately resulted in death). Within hours, not only had clear, accurate eyewitness information been given to police, but an arrest was made a short distance away and murder charges have since been filed. And to top it off, local broadcast media spoke to an area resident who actually appeared and commented on camera!

Is there a relevant commentary to be made or a conclusion to be drawn?

Tyrone Cato is a local entrepreneur, artist and social commentator living in Fort Wayne. He also spent considerable time working as a mentor to area youth, particularly as former instructor for the Three Rivers Jenbé Ensemble and elder to participants.

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