It’s never too late…

| October 31, 2013

By Darious Hayes

Sit for a moment and try to realize your true potential. Make a list of the things that you enjoy the most, then make a list of things you’d never be delighted to do. I had to use this idea to try to figure out what I’m really passionate about.

To continue throughout every day without a smile on your face is just torture. Many people find themselves bored or missing out on life due to the occupation they have chosen. A great percentage of college graduates change their major in the first couple of years of college. This is simply because it wasn’t what they were drawn too or what they liked.

My mind was boggled by the idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Next thing I knew, I was 21 with no sense of direction pointing me to a wealthy and satisfying career.

Never forget that it’s never too late to enroll in school again. Even with no money at hand, a GED easily can be in your grasp. I also encourage you to challenge yourself and enroll in a university that carries the field of your choosing.

Remember to never let go of dreams even when you awaken from them because it’s only then that you actually can move and make them come true.

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