Picnic Perspectives: Interview with Ticamarie, a seventh grader

| July 12, 2013

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Eric Hackley: What have you learned today while being here at the Frost picnic?

Ticamarie: I’ve learned that don’t hate people, love them and you can learn things from new people.

EH: What made you curious about me?

Ticamarie: I saw you talking and videotaping something and it made me curious.

EH: Well I’m just getting people’s opinions on different issues affecting our lives. Do you like Fort Wayne? 

Ticamarie: No, It’s kind of dangerous. There’s too many things going on like killing and people shooting back at cops. People breaking into people’s houses and killing them for no reason. There was a baby who got killed in Chicago and she was only six months old and she was shot five times.

EH: What can we do about that because no one has any answers?

Ticamarie: Well, you could get the people who are doing the gang banging together and ask them, why are you are doing this?

EH: How do you remain mentally positive?

Ticamarie: I just try to stay safe and pray for the people who are doing bad things.


This article originally appeared in the July 10 print edition.

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Eric Hackley is a veteran independent journalist, television show host and producer focusing largely on history, particularly family history in the black community. His award-winning public access television shows have featured a host of local and national icons. Hackley can be contacted at hackonomicstv@gmail.com.

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